What Are The Top Issues Facing Your Tech Start-Up?

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When you are deciding to develop a tech start-up, it is vital that you are aware of the issues that may be facing in your industry now and in the future, as these may affect customer perception of your brand, your sales, and even your connections with other businesses, such as suppliers and retailers. Being aware of these issues will allow you to find solutions in order for you to face these problems when they occur. Here is a list of the top issues that may be challenging your tech business within the next couple of years.

Containing Hazardous Materials

Containing hazardous materials in order to protect both the public and your employees is one of the key challenges for any small tech business that is developing new products and using electronic materials. This is because computer and electronic spillages and wastage can potentially be hazardous, and is difficult to dispose of and transport them through normal means. Not only this, but in terms of waste disposal, there has recently been a greater push for tech companies to choose to recycle their waste in order to protect the environment, or to find ways to prevent your hazardous materials from spilling, which can lead to pollution or affect the local area. C.L. Smith can provide you with hazardous material packaging with HazPlus, which allows you to contain hazardous materials for transport, package materials for clients, and prevent spillages of dangerous materials within your premises. Click here to find out more about the options on offer to tech start-ups.


Not all the issues that tech start-ups face are physical, however, and tech start-ups face many different challenges due to their online nature. Conducting most of your business online, or using computers and other gadgets on a regular basis, can leave your business vulnerable to access by cybercriminals, with crimes such as hacking and malware damaging businesses nationwide. In fact, 60% of businesses fail due to cybercrimes. Not only can they leave you with a loss of money and data, but they can also disrupt the trust that you have built up with customers and leave your business unable to operate efficiently. In these cases, it is important that you are able to take measures to protect the security of your business online by creating security protocols and a privacy policy, installing security scanners and firewalls for all of your tech devices, and ensuring that all of your employees protect their passwords and access codes accordingly.


Many tech start-ups, though, are unable to get the funding that they need in order to develop new products and gadgets, or even conduct online services. If your tech business is struggling to get the funding that it needs to get started, one of the best options is to look for awards and grants from other, renowned tech companies, many of which run schemes on an annual basis to support new businesses. Many of these funding options are supplied to those businesses which are conducting innovative research and development in the field. You could also go down the route of looking at options that are available to every business, whichever sector you may be in, and these may include government grants, which can help to support your start-up costs until your business starts to become more successful and you are able to get a return on your investment.


The next challenge that tech entrepreneurs face is that they are unable to run their business alone. There is currently a large skills gap in the tech sector, which is making it extremely difficult for entrepreneurs to find the talent that they need to grow their business. This is a problem because finding good employees is vital for tech companies in order to broaden the services that they provide and to allow employees to contribute new and innovative ideas. Therefore, you should ensure that you are able to build your start-up in a location where technically skilled employees are available, and that you are able to advertise positions on job boards that cater specifically toward tech talent, rather than those of a more general nature, such as Indeed.

If you are unable to find the best employees through the usual methods, you should also consider training the staff that you already have in order to create skilled employees. You can do this by offering training schemes and apprenticeships through your business, as well as allowing your employees to take time off to work on their personal growth.

The Latest Tech

There are also many issues with being able to keep up with the latest tech on the market, with the need to constantly innovate your products and the tech that you are using in order to appeal to consumers and to stay up-to-date with the competition. However, some of the latest tech can cause issues if you are not prepared for it. For instance, artificial intelligence can provide many risks to your business as well as benefits, such as security issues, the perception that artificial intelligence may be taking jobs away from potential human employees, and the hazards of computer error. Not only this, but innovative systems, such as the Cloud, can also cause problems for young businesses, such as leaving companies open to threats and security issues once their data has been stored remotely.


IT can also cause a number of issues for tech companies, especially if you are relying on computers and electronic devices to conduct your business. For instance, software and websites can often crash and struggle with bugs, which can then leave you unable to connect with clients or to carry out the services that you provide.

To combat this issue, you should consider outsourcing some of your IT needs to an IT vendor with a flexible collaboration model which is particularly important for the development of efficient workflows.

Due to the nature of this relatively recent sector, tech companies are facing more challenges than most, both in the real world and online. Whether you decide to open a tech start-up that focuses on product development and manufacturing, or online services, it is important that you have protocols in place to allow you to directly combat these issues.