What does BizFilings do?


If you’re looking into ways to get your LLC in the most legally sound way possible, BizFilings might be a fitting option for your business.

As part of a wider network, this online LLC formation service exercises a well-rounded approach to incorporation and is remarkably proficient in every aspect of entity management.

Although the service is technically a part of the Wolters Kluwer corporation that launched in Delaware in 1990, as a separate entity, BizFilings started providing financial and formation solutions starting in 1996. In 2002, they partnered with the CT corporation to grant their clients access to CT’s expert legal services.

BizFilings process is also notably involved, consisting of 5 main steps:

  1. Application quality check;
  2. Verifying the LLC name;
  3. Filing the LLC forms with the state;
  4. Delivering the approved formation documents;
  5. Initial solutions and ongoing support.

It’s worth remembering that such a specific number was devised mostly for organizational convenience, and the company will always provide additional assistance during each step.

The final step is also more of a nominal affair since their ongoing support entails far more than just customer help and also covers compliance control, deadline management, and much more.

What Services Does BizFilings Provide?

As with most business formation services, BizFilings prefers to work with a tiered price system. There are three BizFilings LLC packages in total—Basic, Standard, and Complete—with each option designed to fit different businesses depending on their scope and goals.

The company makes it incredibly easy to start an LLC from the comfort of your home, plus, they give you all the information about their subscriptions and guarantee policy upfront so you won’t be forced to share your personal information to simply look at their rates and features.

What’s particularly beneficial about BizFilings LLC formation is its registered agent service. Unlike some companies, they make sure to include it in all of their plans regardless of its level. They also provide a handy list of their service of process offices in every jurisdiction.

On the downside, their most accessible plan is fairly scant, offering only the LLC application itself, a registered agent, and an ADP subscription but charging $99 discounting the state fees. 

But let’s look at the BizFilings pricing in more detail. With a few exceptions, they apply the following rates for nearly all states:

  • Basic: $99 + state fees;
  • Standard: $229 + state fees;
  • Complete: $359 + state fees.

In Delaware, the prices are reduced to $159 for the Standard plan and $199 for the Complete option.

Their Nevada rates are all over the place, raising the Basic price from $99 to $174 and Standard from $229 to $244, but charging only $284 for the Complete plan instead of $359.

For Alaska, California, and Washington, there is only one change and it’s the increase from $359 to $434 for the Complete package. In Nebraska, this rate goes up to $389.

The main difference between their Basic and Standard plan is the latter’s addition of operating agreement templates and personalized forms, company kits, personalized seals, and expedited filing.

Their Complete package also covers those features while adding EIN acquisition, certified copies, and overnight shipping.

Aside from the packages, the company provides extensive financial, legal, accounting, and tax services for an additional fee. This also includes health-related solutions and business compliance.

BizFilings Customer Reviews

Despite the company’s impressive 25-year run and long formation record of over 500,000 entities, BizFilings reviews leave much to be desired. Across all main platforms, the service has garnered only about 10 reviews, though one of which is a 5-star entry on BBB where they also earned an A+ rating through professional evaluation.

However, more involved users of BizFilings point out the ease of setting up an LLC with this industry outlier. Their experience undoubtedly works in their favor, while BizFilings’ guarantee is a sure way to protect yourself against filing errors in the early stages of entity registration.

Is BizFilings a Good Service?

The short answer is yes, it is a good provider within its niche. When viewing BizFilings separately, without taking other LLC formation company options into account, its offerings are more than generous as they appeal to a wide range of businesses.

BizFilings customer support is also one of their strongest points, and their reps are available on all work days from 8 am to 7 pm CT. You can find out more about their client care in our BizFilings LLC service review.

But a comparative analysis shows that despite its many benefits such as free registered agent services, the company is more expensive than some of its competitors due to its high price-performance ratio. So if you’re a smaller outfit with a limited budget, you might want to look for a more affordable alternative.

Other than that, the company can rival even the most popular of services. They can launch an LLC business as fast as any other online service but their level of quality control and error prevention is much higher thanks to their formation approach and close contacts with one of their sister companies that specialized in legal matters.