Wouldn’t it be great?

  • When your blog converts 6 times more?
  • Generates 3 times as many leads as paid search?
  • Costs 62% less than traditional marketing?

Who doesn’t want it?

I guess you.

That’s why you don’t focus on content marketing and focus on less relevant stuffs of your blog.

Before going further let’s discuss what the heck is actually content marketing, how does it align to blogging and how to win at it in this crazy world of internet?

You may have heard of marketing. Right?

I guess you do marketing stuffs for your blog and business as well, such as copywriting, building sales funnels, running ads, doing launches for making sales.


But content marketing is totally different. It’s a whole new story.

It’s basically the art of story-telling such as how well you present your content before your readers.

How valuable is your content? Can it help solve the pain points of your readers and potential customers?

Do they enjoying consuming your content?

What do they think about your brand?

What’s your positioning?

Okay, going bit slow.

See these are the examples of content marketing.

The movies you love and watch is also a part of content marketing. They are helping you enjoy with their content.

I guess now you got the idea of a successful content marketing strategy and how you implement on them to win at blogging as a successful creator.

​But keep in mind traditional marketing such as running ads, copywriting, building sales funnels, doing launches are also equally important as content marketing, if you want your brand to reach the new heights of greatness.

So here are the best practices of a successful content marketing strategy for a successful blogger.

1.Creating Crazy Amazing Content

Content marketing, the name comes from content itself. Which mean it’s solely focused on content.

Doing marketing without great content is not a content marketing, it’s just marketing which doesn’t build you a brand, which doesn’t position you as go-to authority in your field etc…

So, creating crazy amazing content is the backbone of your blog and business.

And you must be a master at writing viral blog posts.

Fair warning: It’s not for everyone.

Content marketing takes a lot of work, persistence and patience.

More importantly time. Are you ready to invest your time creating high value content?


Even if it takes 2X or 3X the work but trust me this will pay you 10X in return. That’show powerful creating high value content is.

Content can be in any format. If you’re a blogger you need to create high value content in the form of articles, images, infographs, audio and video based content.

As we all know marketing is nothing without a great content. So make content your first priority.

2.Applying Content Viralocity

 Don’t get confused by the term.

Content viralocity is nothing but making all your content spread all over the internet.

Everywhere I mean wherever your potential customers congregate.

Be it social media like Facebook, Instagram, forums etc…

Spread it wherever you can to acquire new leads from everywhere.

For example if you have created an article and uploaded it on your blog make sure you upload the same content on Linkedin, Google+, your social media accounts, forums etc…

This is to ensure you keep getting new leads from everywhere you want using the content you’ve created once.

Take this approach to make sure that you make most out of your content you’ve already created once.

You can also think of it this way – “To keep getting found by the right people.”

Once you apply this technique and notice the difference, you will be addicted to it and there will be no coming back. That’s how powerful applying content virolocity is.

3.Building Community

Building community means having a good relationship with your readers and subscribers.

How do you do it?

By constantly engaging with them. By solving their pain points and helping with their burning desires to be accomplished.

You can do it all by giving them insanely crazy amount of value in whatever format they want.

You can help them with your value packed articles, FREE video series, your reports, checklists, roadmaps, your emails and newsletters, you name it.

The concept is to build a community which they will be glad joining and even ready

to pay you for that.

That’s the power of content.

This is content marketing you need to do in order to position yourself as the go-to authority in your field and take your business from nowhere land to the promised land.

In short,

Content + marketing = content marketing.

 The only real information about content marketing you need to understand is, creating crazy amazing content, content viralocity and building community.

That’s it. I hope you enjoyed it.

Do comment and let me know how valuable these three tips were on content marketing.