What Is Cross Platform Mobile App Development? Which Cross Platform Is Best?


Cross platform mobile app development is the process of developing mobile applications that can be deployed on a host of platforms or operating systems using a single codebase. It obviates the need to bank on native technologies to build individual apps for every platform separately. The biggest advantage of this method of app development is that it enables using one application or product to fit into different software environments. Besides, there are several other benefits which has made it a preferred app development method.

Cross Platform App Development Pros

Easy Updates

You only have to update your codebase one time when you update or modify your app for the changes to be reflected across all apps on every platform.

Improved Reusability

You can simply write your code once and then reuse 50% – 80% of that code to export your app to other platforms without having to develop a dedicated app for every single platform.

Lower Costs

A cross platform app can be about 30% more affordable than building Android or iOS applications separately simply because you only have to work on one project and not recruit more teams for multiple projects.

Greater Market Reach

Since cross platform mobile app development caters to all operating systems at the same time, you can target multiple markets (iOS, Android, Windows) to expand your user base to benefit from higher returns on your investment.

Shorter Time to Market

Developers can rapidly build a fully functional cross platform prototype to release it in the market and test whether the idea has a product-market fit within a short period of time.

Development Speed

One of the greatest advantages of cross platform mobile app development is the fact that development times can be reduced by as much as 80% across all projects and adherence to project deadlines increased by a large margin.

Consistent Branding

 Since all the platforms that the mobile app is built for share the same codebase, this allows you to build a more consistent brand identity across all platforms with less effort.

What Is the Best Cross Platform?

Among all cross platform app development frameworks, Xamarin is widely considered to be the best. This is because Xamarin apps are almost identical to native ones in terms of performance. Additionally, it stands out as a solid development stack because it relies on the C# programming language to build Android and iOS apps, has .NET as its development platform, and comes with many analytics and testing tools. The framework also offers APIs and plug-ins to easily access hardware functionalities like cameras and GPS. Brands as impressive as The World Bank rely on Xamarin app development to build their apps.

In previous years, it was easier to develop native applications for each individual mobile operating system than deal with the complexity involved in building out a backend that would work across multiple platforms. This is because the code that was developed for one specific operating system could not be repurposed for another operating system. Cross platform app development changed all of that. It enabled companies to develop customized low-cost apps that were easy to maintain, stable, and simple to iterate that still remain popular today.