While working at Motorola two engineers Bill Smith and Mikel J Harry in 1986, introduced Six Sigma (6σ), a set of tools and techniques can be used in the process of improvement. Later in 1995, Jack Welch made it his key business strategy at General Electric.  It seeks to improve quality of output of a process and efficiency of a system by addressing and eliminating (or minimizing) causes of defects in manufacturing and business process.

How does it work?

Six Sigma uses a set of quality management methods, that includes a motive to achieve stable and predictable outcomes of a process by analyzing, measuring, controlling and overall improving the business and manufacturing processes. Each Sigma project follows a defined sequence of steps and has aspiring value targets. In a Sigma process almost all the opportunities are expected to be free from defects. On the other hand, to spread these strategies a new certification course was evolved which came to be known as the Six Sigma Certification.

This certification comes in various skill levels: Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt, and Master Black Belt. They can only be obtained through some accreditation body. One example of such accredited organization is the American Society for Quality (ASQ)

Importance of Six Sigma Certification

Learning and applying the methodologies of Six Sigma can give your career as well the prospects of your organization, a prominent boost. Here are some detailed reasons why you need to get a Six Sigma Certification and their benefits:

Improves your career prospect

Being capable to include a such kind of certification in your resume gives you a clear edge among all others, since this makes the management and higher authorities of your organization believe that you are knowledge in dozens different methods like increasing revenue, reducing costs etc. It also certifies your level of commitment to your work.  Another reason that Six Sigma Certificate holders are treated with so much respect is, this certificate is not easy to obtain. So, this, in turn increases your opportunity of getting better jobs and improvement of salary, of course.

Prepares you as a Leader

Sigma training, build a student as a leader as well. They become able to carry on and successfully complete projects even with a less skilled and less experienced team with their good leadership. Thus, Sigma certification makes them able to create difference even as a single person.

Helps you remove errors

Suppose that you own an organization, try to think like the owner, what would be your expectation from a certified employ? From an organization’s perspective, you too will prefer to acquire a Six Sigma certified individual to become crucial to an organization’s ability to identify and eliminate repeatable process errors.

With a Six Sigma certification, you can easily transform the Organization accordingly and enables it to increase revenue by identifying and eliminating errors that would result as a bad experience and poor satisfaction of your Organization’s customers. Moreover, it will bring losses to the business also. The professionals who are Six Sigma Certified can help reduce invoicing errors, customer complaints, schedule delays, complaint resolution time, spending, and cost overruns.

Helps your organization runs smoothly and flourish

Six Sigma Methodologies can positively affect your organization in many different aspects. With a Six Sigma Certification you would be able to eliminate the errors and chance losses of your organization and become capable good quality outcomes, which, in turn, will enhance the customer satisfaction. The decent quality standards your organization would attract more investments and better partnerships.

Applicability without any distinction

Another good reason why you should get a Six Sigma certification is that it is applicable in a numerous number of fields (e.g. Aerospace, electronics, telecom, IT, HR, banking and financial services, etc.), thus multiplying many time your opportunity of getting better jobs than your current one.

Getting this certification can lead to better job opportunities and improved salary. On the other hand, Six Sigma certified professionals get so much respect because the exams are not easy to pass, and the executives as well as the hiring managers at major companies are well aware. You can easily guess why they count on Six Sigma certified aspirants.

Gaining practical experiences

It implements the theoretical principles to real-life fieldworks, thus providing a hand-on experience to trainees. So the certificate holders already they have become experienced in field works. Wherever and whatever you work, practical knowledge as well as experience are necessary to succeed in life. Moreover, you can’t expect anyone to believe everything you say, you need to show some proof. Hence, you can use this certification as the proof that you have a practical knowledge as well as experience.

There are many training organizations, online as well as offline that offers Six Sigma Certification and designed to get you the knowledge you need to pass your exam on the first try. What are you waiting for?