What Is Yammer? 4 Main Benefits of Yammer for Businesses


Yammer is a business social network built within Microsoft 365 enterprise editions.

It may be similar to Facebook, but Yammer has more to offer at a productivity level, i.e., Yammer lets co-workers chat, hold surveys, share files, and more.

Yammer is a private social platform (unlike Facebook), and the network range, instead of the whole world, is just your organization. Facebook Comparison works best when it comes to Yammer’s user interface and features.

Many users are likely to find familiarity with the look and tools they are given: instant messaging, update notifications, mentions, likes, groups, polls, hashtags, and announcements.

For the whole picture, it is also important to note that Yammer is one of the enterprise tools included in Office 365 and is a self-described “external loop” communication tool. It enabled users to collaborate with collaborators who are rarely seen or talked to by the entire organization.

Should I use Yammer or Teams?

Because there are so many collaboration tools in Office 365, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the range of options available.

Yammer is for sending messages or announcements to large groups of people at an elementary and simplified level, and Teams for sending messages to individuals or smaller, tighter knitted groups.

Of course, this dichotomy only considers the use of the Yammer and Teams messaging features. When comparing each program as a whole, it is evident that they both play very different roles outside of their chat characteristics.

For maximum business impact, you should use Yammer and teams because each program offers various exclusive features and the other does not. Moreover, to define which program to use when sending a message, the above defect is an excellent rule to follow.

What Are the Top 4 Benefits of Yammer for Businesses?

Builds better relationships

By enabling constant communication, Yammer allows employees to feel more connected and unified, even if they are located in different departments or office buildings. This helps them build stronger teams and makes working towards a common goal far simpler.

Improving engagement, giving employees freedom, and promoting business communications all positively impact cultural culture. Yammer also acts as a channel for messages and updates that define and enhance your company culture.

The development of better relationships is one reason why many organizations accept Yammer for a good reason.

Effective knowledge sharing

Employees can get meaningful answers to important questions by communicating quickly and easily with colleagues. Whether it’s some client details, double-checking appointment times, or getting advice from more experienced staff, it can all be done through Yammer.

Improves employee engagement

By enabling every employee to be involved in company discussions, Yammer allows people to feel more engaged with their company. In fact, more engaged employees are more productive, less likely to be distracted, and more likely to stay in business.

Yammer makes it straightforward to post updates, generate interest and increase engagement in your company. Staff members can post updates, surveys, events, and announcements; to which their colleagues can like, vote, and comment.

In a business of any size, improving dialogue and communication in any industry can lead to greater employee engagement (contributing to a positive corporate culture).

Live communication

Yammer allows departments and offices to communicate with each other more efficiently than traditional communication tools. Email and boardroom appointments have their needs but are often insufficient or inappropriate.


If you are willing to improve your organization’s communication, you should get Yammer; it’s included freely within specific Office 365 licenses. But, if your business is yet to adopt Office 365, you need to consider a proper backup for your crucial Office 365 data.

Office 365 backup software is a must, not only for Yammer but for all the tools provided by Microsoft.