What Makes A Great Customer Experience In eCommerce?


Customers do care about customer experience: 96% of them say that they take it into account while deciding on brand loyalty. In fact, a study has found that customer experience will become more important than price and products. 

In eCommerce, where the competition is huge, you have to outperform so many other businesses in customer experience. 

But what is customer experience in eCommerce really?

Customer experience is the way customers see your brand: what feelings and thoughts they have on every step of their journey, during every engagement with your company. It is in ads, website, payment getaways, emails, shipping, and communication after the package is shipped and received. 

We have prepared a couple of tips that will help you to get started on the journey to a better customer experience. They are quite easy to implement but will have a hugely positive effect on your brand.

5 Ways To Improve The Ecommerce Customer Experience

Make Your Website User-Friendly

Many customers moved online after the pandemic hit, many of them using eCommerce for the first time. So it is especially important now to make the navigation around the website as easy as possible. 

You can improve navigation by:

  • categorizing the products
  • labeling the products
  • adding specific filters (size, color, material, etc.)
  • allowing different orders of lists (from cheapest to most expensive, recommended, best match)

It is also important to make all the options and filters visible. You should also meet the needs of all three types of visitors: the knowing buyers, those who browse, and those who need a hand in filtering. 

Personalize Customer Experience

Personalization has moved far beyond using the customer’s name in the email greeting. With all the cookies, website analytics, and customer segmentation tools, we can do the following:

  • personalized product recommendation based on search history
  • segmented weather-specific recommendations and content
  • segmented ads based on buyer persona
  • provide coupons based on search history
  • create “Recently Seen” section
  • go for cross- or up-sell (take a look at Amazon as a great example)

So get your sales & marketing support ready and tailor your website, ads, and communication accordingly. 

Optimize For Mobile

In eCommerce, 53% of sales happened via mobile in 2019 and the numbers are growing! Consequently, if you do not have an optimized site, you may be losing 53% of customers. 

Here is what you can do for better mobile optimization:

  • have a mobile version of the website
  • enable auto-filled forms 
  • align keyboards for different fields (e.g. automatic number keyboard for phone number or age)
  • speed up the loading (no more than three seconds, better less than a second)
  • optimize the size of photos and videos
  • avoid pop-ups and other intrusive ads

It will help you to both create a better customer experience and rank higher in searches.

Provide Great Customer Support

Customer support is like shop assistants and may either ruin the whole experience or make customers come back. The signs of great customer support services are:

  • connecting through multiple channels (live chats, product support pages, forums)
  • quick responding time
  • fixing the experience based on frequently asked questions and feedback in live chat

You can use customer support outsource services for lower budgets and 24/7 consultations. 

Keep Your Shipping Promises

The speed of shipping makes a huge difference in eCommerce since 87% of consumers see shipping speed as a key factor to buy from a brand again. They want same-day delivery mostly. 

You can do the following to reduce the shipping time:

  • reduce options
  • dropship
  • consider warehouse locations
  • choose companies that provide both packaging and shipping


The pandemic has put eCommerce in the spotlight and businesses have to make sure that they deliver the best customer experience since pricing does not really matter much nowadays. 

These 5 ultimate ways will help to build a solid foundation for a great customer experience. Implement our quick tips and keep consumers coming back for more!