If you want your company to grow stress-free, always remember to anticipate your growth. For instance, do not wait to need a tool to actually get it, as it you need it, it probably means that you are already overwhelmed with work. Going through a processes transition when you already have to much to do is not easy, so better doing it in advance. Let’s take the example of marketing tools.

Social media management tool

If you want your business to grow, the one thing you want, is to be visible everywhere, at any time, by as many people as possible. For this purpose, your best bet are social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… Everyone uses al least one of them, if not all.

Of course, during your company’s first steps, you wont need anyone or anything to help you writing one post per day on each social media. But what if your business grow much faster than what you planned – which we wish you, of course! – and that you open a new agency next year? What if your products encounter much more succes than what you expected?

If you want to grow, you need to be ready for it. Starting to use a social media management tool from the very first steps will allow you to take the tool in hand when you still have time. Soon, you will be so succesfull that you won’t have this free time.

Online survey services

Online survey tools are very important from the very beginning of your activity. It is a perfect mean to get customers feedback, which will help you to not only grow fast, but grow better. What should you improve in the services you provide? What product should you launch next? Your customers are the best placed to give you these answers and define your next strategies.

Of course, you don’t necessarily need to own such a tool. If you already don’t have much time, you’ve better using professionnal services (click on this link to see an example). Creating an online survey needs proper strategies, regarding the target as well as the content. So the best is to leave it to experts.

And many more…

These were two interesting examples, but there are many more. For instance, Intercom is a tool that will halp you develop your website. If you run an online shop, you definitely want to try it. Thanks to it, you can easily create custom messages for certain pages of your wesite, for instance free trials or downloads. This will allow you to get more sales very quickly.

We only spoke about marketing tools here, but the same applies for any internal or external tools, such as internal communication tool, accountancy tool, businesses insights tool, and so on. Always remember, you need to get these tools before your actually need them to let you the time to take them in hand properly.