When you buy expensive devices, you don’t want to deal with unexpected crashes or slowdowns. Still, the age influences your Macbook, and in some instances, you need to meet this period with bells on. What should you do if your MacBook Pro is running slow? Is there a way out? We want to assure you it is possible to change the situation for the better and stop all sudden slowdowns (you just ought to be attentive to the signs your laptop shows).


Before you can take measures, you need to identify the leading causes of slow performance of your Mac. They are different and standards, and you can make, are contingent on these reasons. Let’s take a look at all problems and analyze the critical solutions.

1. Check up your Mac OS.

In some instance, this is the primary source of frequent app crashes and other screw-ups. If you use an older version, you should be ready, the performance of your laptop won’t be excellent. For that reason, the company manufacturer cares about its clients and releases the new version almost every year.

To fix this bug, you have to update the operating system. You can open the Mac App Store, find the latest version of the operating system and install it. If you can’t do this by yourself, you can find a tech-savvy person, who can help you do this!

2. Check Your Hard Drive.

Sometimes, it is getting full, and you even don’t notice this. If your hard drive is overloaded with extra files, it begins slowing your device. That is why if you wish to avoid this situation, you should regulate this issue and check it from time to time.

In this instance, you can install a third-party program like CleanMyMac and delete all unnecessary files, influencing the general performance of your computer. This is a powerful instrument, which can simplify this procedure. The primary target of this software is to remove all old and needless files, cluttering your computer. You won’t be made to monitor your computer personally. The app will do a quick search and provide you with the information regarding all files or backups that occupy the space of your hard drive. After that, you should render a decision what data should be left and what folders have to be deleted. This is a powerful cleanup tool, enabling every user to clear the hard drive in a matter of seconds. Different language packs, old backups, caches, logs and other trash have to bear on the performance of your Macbook. CleanMyMac will help you remove all of them.

3. Delete Login Items.

In very deed, login items also have a sway with the laptop’s performance. This bunch of different applications can accumulate and make your device slower. Otherwise stated, their core target is to launch when you turn on your computer. Gradually, this process starts taking more time. To correct this issue, you should do the following:

  • Find System Preferences, open this menu and find the window “Users and Groups”.
  • Find the Login Item Tab and press this icon. After that, you will see what programs remain open when you switch on your computer.
  • Pick up what particular login items have to be removed and delete all of them.

This is a straightforward procedure. You should check this aspect too because, in some instances, it can be the key thing which influences the work of your favorite laptop.

4. Check the State of your Hardware.

When did you buy your MacBook? In some instances, it is impossible to help the device because it has old hardware. Commonly, when the hardware is too old, it influences the speed of your device.


If this issue is about you, it is high time to upgrade hardware. In some instances, it is impossible to do this (it depends on the model of your Mac). A high-quality device is not cheap as well. Nevertheless, if the primary cause of frequent slowdowns is the hardware, you should either upgrade it or buy a new laptop.

5. Clean your Desktop.

This is the simplest thing you can do. Some users overload their desktops with many unnecessary files and different documents. Later, they forget about them but gradually, they clutter a desktop.

To change the situation, and speed up the performance, you can organize all icons into folders. When you do this, you’ll notice how many trash files you keep on your desktop and delete all of them. The results will be seen almost immediately!