You must be knowing that Adobe Photoshop is the industry recommended photo editing software. But for subscribing to Adobe Photoshop, you have to pay an amount of $120 per year. Do you think that it is a huge amount for you and you do not usually do so much work that worth the amount? If so, then you do not need to worry now because there are some online image editors that can save your bucks and can give your photos a professional finish for free without installing Adobe Photoshop in your PC. Let’s check out some of this online software that provides quality photos and works exactly like photoshop without a photoshop:

  1. Sumo Paint: It is a remarkable online flash-based photo editing software. However, for using it you first need to download the plugin and grant the access right. It provides various types of brushes to paint, vector drawing tools, layers and also an attractive faux-ink tool. Sumo Paint is one of the best online photo editing software and is ideal for both editing and painting purpose.
  2. Pixlr: It is another online photoshop free software which can be used for all types of image editing. It also supports PSD file format in addition to JPEG, PNG, and BMP. It has all necessary tools, brush, and filters that are required to edit a photograph. Apart from that it also has layers, masks, and automatic as well as manual color adjustment facility. The best thing about Pixlr is that it is available in almost 28 languages.
  3. Photo Raster: Another remarkable online photoshop alike software is Photo Raster which is free to use. However, the user needs to register it first for using it. It has a high range of editing tools like filters, brushes, color adjustment tools etc. The only disadvantage of this online photo editing software is that it is unable to open PSD file.
  4. Pollar: Polarr is another alternative to Photoshop which is available as both desktop tool as well as a free web app. It has a lot of user-friendly interface and tools that help to edit photo very easily and conveniently. It has brushes, filters, cropping features, adjustment tools and many other facilities which make it an ideal online photo editing software.
  5. Photopea: Unlike any other online photo editing tool, Photopea is an advanced HTML 5 based web app. It does not require any plugin to install to work on it. It has various editing components which are very user-friendly and helps the user to perform their work easily. Apart from brushes, it also has color editing tools, advanced text editing tools, that are very useful to edit the photos.
  6. Fotor: It is an online software tool that is ideal for perfect portraits. It has some excellent features that help to add or fix makeup on someone’s face in their photograph. It also allows to whiten teeth and remove the blemish from the photograph. It is a great app that helps to do a lot of photo editing easily.
  7. Canva: It is another very popular free photoshop website which you can use for photo editing when the photoshop is not installed on your PC. It is one of the most powerful online tools that can be used to create all types of graphic design even without any experience.
  8. PicMonkey: One most popular online photo editor is PicMonkey. It is a real alternative to Photoshop which has a lot of powerful editing capabilities. You can do any types of editing in your photograph with the help of this software.