What Type Of Power Supply Is Right For Office Use?

Double exposure of Engineer or Technician man holding safety hat with electrical switchgear room for electricity industrial business concept.

You need a reliable power supply to ensure the smooth functioning of your office and an undisrupted workflow. But how do you choose the right type of power supply for your office? What are the factors you need to consider while choosing a power supply? Would you need a 24v dc power supply against an uninterrupted power supply?

While factors such as load and voltage are basic considerations, safety features such as current and voltage limits, size and system noise are some other factors to consider. 

We will identify some of the most important types of power supply and make it easier for you to choose the right one for your office. 

SMPS – Switched Mode Power Supply

This power supply, often referred to switchers, includes a switching regulator for powerfully converting an electrical-power. Like other power supplies, it transmits power from a DC or AC source to DC loads, by altering the characteristics of current and voltage. It offers some distinct advantages like efficiency, compactness, cost and overall performance and is used in personal computers, machine tool industries, security systems, and many other applications.

Uninterruptible Power Supply

Popularly known as UPS, uninterrupted power supply permits your equipment to keep working for a limited time even when the main power supply is lost. If you need an uninterrupted power supply, this is a must-have for your office.

AC Power Supply

If you need your voltage to be stepped up or brought down by using a transformer to the required voltage, an AC power supply would be the right choice. Usually, a 24v dc power supply, a step-up transformer, and an inverter are used for converting it into AC power.

DC Power Supply

If your office requires a consistent DC voltage, then a DC power supply is the right one. It is controlled either from a DC supply or an AC supply like the power mains.

Regulated Power Supply

If an output that remains constant, even if the input changes, is the requirement, you would need a regulated power supply. A fixed circuit is used to change unregulated alternating current into a stable direct current and a rectifier is used to provide a stable voltage.

Programmable Power Supply

As the name suggests, a programmable power supply uses a remote control function for its operations via analog input or digital interfaces like GPIB or RS232. For your automated applications, this could be the power supply you need.

Computer Power Supply

A computer’s power supply unit changes the power supplied from the outlet into usable power. It converts the alternating current into direct current and also controls over-heating by controlling voltage. From basic office computers to high-end application-based consoles, the computer power supply is used as the power source.

Linear Power Supply

A linear power supply (LPS) circuit is used in various electrical and electronic circuits for supplying DC power to the entire circuit. If your business is into audio-visual applications and amplifiers, you can make use of this supply.

Putting together your offices’ power supply is an important decision and picking the right one will give you the best possible performance, productivity and reliability. In an office environment, a 24v dc power supply is preferred, so make sure you purchase the right product that suits your needs.