Do you want to build a website for your business? Then, you need a web host provider as your foundation, brand, and face of your venture.

Server downtime can potentially ruin or hurt your reputation. So, if you’re serious on designing your website, ensure you engage the best hosting provider.

However, choosing the best firm to host your website isn’t easy. At times, comparing hosting services is the strategy to give value for your investment.

Here are some useful tips to follow when looking for your hosting account.

  1. The Free Domain Concept

Having a free web domain sounds simple and beautiful. But wait, is it free? Of course not, these are some few things you need to consider.

  • The Domain Owner: the domain name remains free to all. However, the host retains exclusive ownership.

As such, you either stuck here with your papers and pay huge monies back to get your domain back.

  • Renewals: In most cases, the starting year is always free. But you’ll start paying annual renewals. Ensure the annual renewal fees are affordable.
  1. Unlimited Storage

Most hosting providers want you to think of unlimited storage as a fantastic offer. But there’s nothing like unlimited storage.

Before engaging the hosting provider, carefully read their terms. Here, you’ll get all the details about CPU and the server usage.

If your site exceeds the specified storage space, the hosting provider can terminate it.

The web hosting firms include these specifics to protect their servers. But others are using this to go around their promise for an unlimited guarantee.

  1. Separate Domain Name and Hosting

You don’t need to register domain names on a single firm. However, we’re not saying your web host provider is not trustable, it’s about getting a trustworthy and dependable registrar from the beginning.

Your domain acts as your online ID. For convenience sake, web hosting providers would want you to register your domain with them. It’s their possible revenue stream.

But it isn’t convenient where the firm collapses your domain.

  1. Avoid Long-Term Contracts unless you Trust them

Some web hosts will give ridiculous discounts to their clients who pay for two years or more upfront. Unless the web host has an excellent track record, think twice.

  1. Research More about the Company

Before engaging any web host, understand what their previous clients feel about their services. You can search this by querying “web_hosting_company sucks” and see the results that the search returns.

The number of clients complaining about a specific web host may shock you. The list enlightens you on what the firm entails. Don’t take it lightly due to:

  • Unfair Count: big firms tend to frustrate many. The list of their dissatisfied customers is always high. But keep in mind that these customers are a small proportion of the entire market.
  • Bias: reviews on blogs are likely to suffer from bias. Even worse, the blog owner may delete any rebuttal to give a one-sided story.