NEBS is short for the Network Equipment Building System. This is essentially technical requirements with one purpose. The point is that network switches should be bulletproof. For a long time, telephone companies have relied on NEBS-compliant hardware for their telephone network switching. The reason for this is that it guarantees that the equipment meets a specific set of standards. This equipment is resistant to fire, it has set guidelines on temperature, humidity, handling and how it handles vibrations, earthquakes, contaminants and noise.

What Does NEBS Testing Accomplish?

NEBS testing focuses on reliability, performance and safety of network equipment in telecom facilities. The testing accomplishes the following:

  • It protects personnel
  • It prevents service outages and interference due to incompatible equipment
  • It aids in support equipment compatibility with the network
  • It guards against extreme temperature, airborne contamination and vibrations
  • It reduces the chance of a fire in network facilities

The idea being NEBs testing is that it will affect the manufacturer’s bottom line. A manufacturer may be able to minimize installation, development and maintenance costs. Telecommunications equipment manufacturers prefer their suppliers to be NEBS compliant.

When it comes to safety, no one wants to play around. In fact, the industry widely accepts a lot of these safety precautions, particularly fire safety.

The Levels of NEBS

When it comes to the NEBS test, there are three different levels of compliance. What your company’s standards are will determine which level you require. Here are those levels.

  • Level one is the minimal level required. It protects against hazards and degradations. This is on a more individual, personal level. This is for office class environments and noncritical systems.
  • Level two is the middle ground. It allows for failure tolerant services. This is acceptable in data centers and controlled environments.
  • Level three is for critical systems. This is a more bulletproof level. This guarantees that equipment will be operable in case of an emergency.

Many companies would prefer level three compliance. Even still, it’s important the company knows the environment that the equipment will be set up to do its job. If you understand the process of the test, you will know whether you need extra tests.

NEBS are important and necessary technical requirements that allow network switches to be bulletproof. Most telecom companies rely on NEBS compliant hardware. After testing, the hardware may be classified at three different levels. Depending on your needs and the use of your equipment, you may need any one of the three levels.