What’s the Best Way to Set Up A Private HIPAA-Compliant Server?


If you are wondering how to correctly set up the private HIPAA-compliant server, then there are several choices you might encounter. But let’s cut to the chase and focus on the best method that you can implement. If your business, no matter what its form, is handling the PHI or Protected Health Information, then you could rely on the HIPAA-compliant hosting cloud server. Managing the PHI to the covered health entities is a bit tricky since you will need to be compliant to the HIPAA law.

Therefore, it is important to meet the standards of HIPAA in the Physical, Administrative, as well as Technical security of health information.

If you are looking for building the working HIPAA compliance checklist can be successful if you work with the right party and the right tools. First things first, you will want to hire the trustworthy and reliable professionals to help you with the setup. The second thing you will want to choose the right HIPAA compliant platform or an application.

It is also a great idea to get help from full-stack developer. Presuming that you have different policies and procedures with the other providers, the healthcare software companies will propose specific tools for you. but when it comes to HIPAA compliant cloud storage, you cannot overlook the importance of the reputation. It’s crucial to pick the best HIPAA compliant cloud storage providers for setting up the private HIPAA-compliant server to protect your patients’ medical information.

Best HIPAA Compliant Cloud Storage Servers

Here are the best cloud storage providers which you can consider:

AWS – Amazon Web Services

The AWS HIPAA Hosting is one of the most renowned HIPAA compliant cloud storage servers providers for the prevalent health care apps. Since it is compliant to the HIPAA law, AWS offers cloud services which enable the clients to process, store, and transmit the PHI or protected health information. The good thing about using AWS service is that you are able to attain private physical server if needed. The HIPAA Business Associate Addendum is signed between the two parties upfront. People call Amazon as the mother of all clouds. It might be true because there are more and more health entities and care providers who have been using the AWS service for their private server.


Not all folks know about this but back then people knew it as Firehost. Armor offers the quality cloud server service which is HIPAA compliance. HITRUST – Health Information Trust Alliance grants the certification of the CSF to emphasize the HIPAA compliance of this provider.

Many experts and full-stack developers recommend Armor because it is a pioneer in the Caas – Compliance as a service solution. What does it mean? Literally, this service is created in order to meet the requirements of the HIPAA. Therefore, it helps their clients to cut to the chase and focus on the elements of HIPAA compliances including the safe infrastructure, risks analysis, remediation, quality audits, tracking, monitoring, troubleshooting, as well as notices. Armor support is also top-notch. Working with Armor staff will save you from a lot of hassles in the future.

Different from the other services, it does not come with usage-based billing system. If you need a stable server with unlimited traffic capability, Armor can be the best choice.


TrueVault is also easy option to make sure the health platforms you are handling can meet the HIPAA requirements.

It comes with the responsible HIPAA compliance cloud hosting API and secure data store. It has safe and secure API to help the covered entities to store patients’ health data. Not to mention that it helps you to handle the physical and technical safeguards which are compliant to HIPAA law.

Just like the other providers, the signature of the BAA – Business Associate Agreement will be conducted upfront. It is the guarantee that the Privacy and Data breach insurance policy is protected by the service providers. The clients are also able to store and search the PHI to retrieve the information using the easy tools provided by TrueVault.

Liquid Web

Liquid Web provides everything you need to be HIPAA compliance. These include the emphasizes of the technical controls, safeguards, backup, as well as the security policies and procedures.

As the clients, the BAA – or Business Associate Agreement will be signed upon account creation. It is not the cheapest option in the market. But this provider is definitely one of the best out there. We’d like to give two thumbs up to its 24/7 full support.


Rackspace is arguably one of the most flexible options of cloud servers. The provider offers clients with the three main types of cloud servers: open, private, and hybrid clouds.

Rackspace gives flexibility to its clients to choose the resources and operation systems needed for the server. It also opens the scalability which can benefit the smaller business associates. When you need to scale up the business associates, you will just need to upgrade your resources. In order to respect HIPAA compliance, the provider comes with the BAA or Business Associate Agreement. It has such excellent reviews because the resources it offers are quick enough to process the huge amount of data.

Microsoft Azure

Formerly known as Windows Azure, its perfection has been recognized by many health institutions across the country. The provider offers the client with their three main types of service: IaaS or Infrastructure as a service, Web hosting, as well as platform as a service.

The service has attained the HIPAA compliance and ISO 27001. it specifies in providing the HIPAA compliance assurances  with the BAA and HIPAA to all the US customers. so, you won’t need to worry about the compliance stuff amongst the many things. It is a perfect choice for small business associates because the affordability is winning.