When is it OK to Hack Computer Data?


Hacking is a term to describe the theft of digital data, and hackers use extremely subtle and complex ways to gain access into business networks. One would naturally assume that all hackers are, in fact, thieves, yet that would be far from the truth; the best people to protect a network against hacking is to employ hackers.

Penetration Testing

The cyber security specialist has top hackers whose job it is to try and penetrate a network’s security, and should you wish to hire an ethical hacker, there are local specialists who can carry out a series of penetrative tests on your network security. A pen test might be carried out from outside the network, to simulate a third-party attack from the Internet, while another would originate from inside the network, which would reveal any weaknesses with employee access and other important aspects.

Plugging the Holes

The ethical hacker has exactly the same goal as the cyber-criminal; to steal critical data, and he will use every trick in the book to try and gain access, and should he be successful, a patch can be added to render that avenue invalid. The very first thing a cyber security form would do for a customer is, try to steal their customer information, and they would use state of the art methods to do so, and if they can’t get in, no one can.

Ethical Hackers

The ethical hacker may have started out on the other side of the fence, so to speak, and after seeing the error of his ways, he decides to use his talents to help protect online businesses. On the other hand, the company hacker might have started out with the intention of learning to hack as a form of providing protection, and like most things, the development in cyber security is never ending, as unethical hackers look for new and innovative ways to gain access to valuable data. For those would like some detailed reading on the importance of ethical hacking, there are links online to a lengthy essay on the topic that you can refer to.

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Huge Data Breeches

There have been cases where a multi-national company had literally hundreds of millions of users’ vital information stolen, and some had to pay millions in compensation to customers who were the victims of fraud. Yet it isn’t only the global giants that are the target of hackers, as any personal information can be valuable. A million email addresses, for example, could be sold to a scammer, who can then send his scam email to millions of users, and as it is a numbers game, some people would lose money at some stage.

The Importance of Ethical Hacking

Without the hackers who work for the security provider, it would be very difficult to offer any protection at all, as they are the people who try their very best to break into clients’ networks, while using a wide range of practices to try to achieve the goal. If they do manage to penetrate the security, then the breach can be protected to prevent any future attempts to go down that road.

If you would like to have your computer network tested by ethical hackers, an online search will lead you to a local cyber-security provider, who can test your cyber security.