Why Are Links Important for SEO and Does It Help?


It is the desire of every business to remain relevant in their respective industries. But this is something that requires concerted efforts. For instance, we are in the digital era and people spend too much of their time online. In fact, a recent study has established that access to the internet will keep on increasing in the years to come. This trend has an implication on businesses as well. Today, whenever consumers want to purchase something new, the first place they turn to is on Google. For this reason, businesses must strive to maintain their online presence. This exactly where the concept of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

This is an important process involving optimization of webs in order to get organic traffic when it comes to SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Usually, the first page on Google search result page contains the top 10 sites. It is important for your site to appear on the first page for a number of reasons. For instance, most of the potential clients do not bother going to the subsequent pages and this means the chances of the sites not attracting traffic are quite high. Boosting your ranking takes time. One of the best ways to improve your ranking is link building. In this blog, we are going to discuss the importance of Links when it comes to SEO. Let us thee start…

The importance of Links

To begin with, I want to tell one important fact you should always keep in mind whenever you think of links. The links that you create exists indeterminately. This means whenever users going through your material needs to be acquainted with more information, they will simply be required to follow the link to your site. The referrals obtained through this approach exceeds what you get when you rank high. The following points show the importance of links SEO.

  • Brand visibility. A new source contacted through a guest posting chance is basically another passage or readers you can use to promote your brand awareness. Generally, the publishing sources will always be in constant look of new content. This will guarantee you free advertising to the audience you would otherwise not access. Simply put, you are going to have more visibility and that is a nice thing. It translates to significant brand recognition and presents a huge opportunity for direct traffic later.
  • Links are important for page authority. When determining the pages that should be ranked, one important thing that Google considers is the quality of internal links to a given page. This is measured using page authority, which measures not only the quality but also the number of internal links to a given page. Closely related to this is the domain authority. This measures the overall quality of your website. With a higher domain authority, you are more likely to rank higher for a search topic. The number of appropriate links referring to your domain significantly determines a huge part of the same domain authority. So then, the higher the quality of the links, the higher the possibility of the site pages ranking the search results.
  • Leads to brand authority. A well-built link can make you a thought leader across the industry. For instance, if you publish a strong content on a highly opinionated subject pertinent to your brands, you are likely to be perceived as an added authority. After going through some of your top-quality work, many will be attracted to your website. This means there will be an upsurge in referral traffic as well as more conversion rates.
  • Gives confidence that can translate to a higher ranking. When a site refers to a certain page, it is more likely to rank high. This is because the page gives more confidence on the site. Come to think of it – do you think there would be any reason for linking the page if it was not worthy? If the page was irrelevant, it wouldn’t have been linked. In the ranking, more emphasis is given to the number of pages linked to a certain content ranked. The more the links are included, the more the trustworthiness and so is its ranking. Important to note, there is a difference in ranking between a site that ranks to itself and the one with external linking. In general, external links carry more weight compared to internal linking.

In simple words, referrals by other individuals play significant roles compared to self-reference. What are more, external links not only boost page ranking but also augments the content? While a primary factor in ranking remains to be quality content, offering an all-inclusive material is also essential. You can significantly enhance your page reputation if you provide quality external links and this contributes to a higher ranking. By the same token, failure to provide external links can significantly lower the ranking of a certain page. Evidently, it is so important to use external links in the appropriate manner. This simply means you should have the right external sources and in the right amount. This is among the best ways to augment page ranking.

  • Links dictate to the search engine the important pages within your site. Generally, Google utilizes links in ascertaining the notable pages of your site as well those ones referenced through the external domain. It always uses some links on a certain page to determine its significance to web searches from all the content. Linking is indeed among the top factors that determine how best a page can rank. You need to focus on using links to optimize your page ranking. If you need help in getting more traffic, try Search Media. They can significantly attract traffic to your site and optimize SEO strategy it may not be so effective.

Back to our question of interest – why are links important for SEO and does it help? We have discussed at least five ways in which they are just so important. If you really want to boost your brands, you must focus on getting a higher ranking. Links, both internal and external will help you.