Why Are Personalised eLearning Courses Necessary?


Personalised eLearning courses have started gaining momentum in recent times. Today, more and more organisations are opting for personalised eLearning courses. The idea is to provide employees with an insight into a particular discipline. It goes without saying that audiences are largely heterogeneous. You cannot generalize anything. Therefore, it is important to develop and create eLearning modules for everybody. This is exactly where personalisation comes into the picture.

Customisations can help in making personalised modules. For instance, you can develop courses that support multiple languages. In this way, you will be able to get closer to the customers that do not speak and/or understand English.

  1. Customisation can also be used to deliver different kinds of content. The content you create and upload can be customised according to the needs and requirements of the user. Those who like watching videos can be provided with videos, while those wanting to read small and crisp pieces of text can be provided with small anecdotes.
  2. Customisations can be used at different levels. Take this for an example: A specialised eLearning course can be developed for those who want to learn the basics MS Excel, whereas a separate course can be developed for those who want to learn Advanced Excel. This will allow you to cater to everybody’s needs.
  3. Moving on, personalisation helps you to take everybody into consideration. As a developer, it is important to consider everybody’s comments and suggestions. This makes the learning process far more richer and interactive than usual. You can get your doubts and comments heard using inbuilt chat support. In this way, the team of developers can offer individual attention to each and every user.

Here are some benefits of personalisation

Personalising eLearning courses provide learners with an opportunity to select the things they want to learn. You can categorise each and every module differently. Every assignment can have a deadline. The timer can be started by the user as per his convenience.  The timer can be switched off whenever a user wishes to take a break. Change management content providers create content that is personalised and easy to comprehend.

Personalisation can also add to a user’s comfort levels. If you have a personalised eLearning course, you can stay comfortable. Some feel comfortable while using night modes. Make sure you give such options to your users.

Personalised eLearning solutions provide users with the following opportunities:

  1. The liberty to set goals (individually)
  2. Setting milestones
  3. Select their own learning path.
  4. You can select the device you wish to learn on (Mobile/computer/laptop)
  5. The learning process can be carried by the user at his/her own pace
  6. Suggestions and feedback can be asked for in real-time
  7. Feedbacks are personalised

Some other uses of the ‘personalised’ approach:

  1. Content can be curated with ease, whereas the content can be modified using online resources.
  2. Through a cloud-based personalised approach, you can make changes to your eLearning modules at once. There’s absolutely no need to make changes separately to each of the modules created by you if your eLearning course is cloud based.

Why is eLearning a necessity?

Because learning patterns are changing, to say the least. Today, all of us want personalised feedback and attention. Nobody wants a generalised eLearning course that contains countless pieces of bland text. Everybody wants to be included in an eLearning session that is interactive.

Make sure you keep all of these things in mind the next time you plan to develop an eLearning course. Remember, it won’t work if it isn’t personalised.