Why Choose Citizenship by Investment in St. Kitts and Nevis

More and more families start thinking of getting a second passport to enjoy mobility and a range of other benefits. Today, there are several territories offering programs that allow obtaining citizenship thanks to investing in their economy.

Such a program is currently available in St. Kitts & Nevis, a beautiful island country of the Caribbean. Go here for comprehensive information about this program and continue reading this article to find out about the most important reasons to choose it for citizenship.

Opportunities Provided by a Passport of St. Kitts and Nevis

Consider the following reasons to get a second passport:

  • Gain additional protection against undesired changes in your motherland;
  • Enjoy easy traveling to various countries;
  • Take advantage of a more favorable tax system.

Why Choose Citizenship by Investment in St. Kitts and Nevis

The following are the main reasons why you should get your second passport in this country:

  • You do not have to live in the country;
  • If you get such a passport, you will be able to freely travel to over 150 states without getting any visa or obtaining on-arrival visas;
  • Citizenship can be granted not only to applicants but also to their children under 30 years and parents older than 55;
  • No special experience required;
  • You do not have to visit the country to obtain citizenship;
  • Quick application process;
  • If you live in this country, you will not have to pay any personal income tax, death duties, estate, inheritance, and other types of taxes.

How to Qualify for the Citizenship Program Available in Saint Kitts? 

The requirements are pretty straightforward. To qualify for citizenship of this country, you must match the following requirements:

  • Have a clean criminal record;
  • Have great health;
  • Be an HNWI;
  • Invest in the country’ economy;
  • Pay additional fees.

Where Can You Invest Your Money?

To be eligible for this program, you must invest in the local economy. There are two main options you can consider:

  • Sustainable Growth Fund Contribution;
  • Property Development.

Contribution to the Sustainable Growth Fund 

In the first case, you will have to make a solid contribution to the SGF, which depends on the number of relatives you wish to take with you:

  • A single applicant — $150,000;
  • If your application is approved, you can add a spouse, which will cost you an additional $25,000;
  • Additional dependents —$10,000 per each;
  • You do not have to visit the country to obtain citizenship;
  • This amount of money already includes all administrative fees.

Property Development

You can afford this option if you are willing to invest $400,000 in a property that has been previously approved. You cannot sell it for at least five years since obtaining citizenship.

You can also invest at least $200,000 in the property along with someone else willing to add another $200,000. In this case, the property must not be sold for at least seven years after obtaining citizenship.

The administrative fees you will have to pay in this case include:

  • For an investor — $35,000;
  • For a spouse — $20,000;
  • For another family member — $10,000.