Why E-Commerce Sites Should Monitor their Cyber Security Better  

When it comes to buying and selling online, frauds and hackers are an ever-present danger. Across the mainstream media, hackers take centre stage as they find new ways of foiling even the most robust security systems out there. Of course, there are minefields of virus’ and scams on the web too.

However, e-commerce sites are arguably more at-risk due to being so rooted to the online world. Therefore, cyber security becomes a vital component for any e-commerce venture, aiming to monitor all activities for security in online service. Consequently, below are a few listed reasons as to why e-commerce sites should monitor their cyber security better.

Stealing Personal Information

Hackers are often thought to be stealing a bunch of numbers, but ransoms and blackmail are not unheard of. Things can escalate beyond the professional and into the personal. Private information is stored in businesses; personal phone numbers, addresses, medical histories and earnings are all saved inside.

Obviously, the private world and the professional world should be kept well apart, and the basics that often see an intersection between the two should be considered. Some data assaults can be countered with a good use of common sense, enforcing complex passwords that cannot be guessed randomly or through a personality based prediction. Indeed, it might sound obvious, but the basics are the first line of defence.


Rising Fraud in E-Commerce

Monitoring cyber security is crucial, as you are analysing and identifying threats and thus protecting your business, its data and its people. Statistics surrounding the subject are alarming, charting a rise of 18% from 2015-2016 in e-commerce fraud, even causing many of the big names to flop. It’s vital you monitor not only your own cyber security, but the news surrounding it so that you can learn how to fight it.

Alongside constantly developing threats, cyber security demands a full commitment in maintenance. Companies such as Nettitude offer a wide array of security services such as scanning and identifying system vulnerabilities. Such organisations will ensure that your e-commerce business can operate safely while working round the clock to directly counter the fraud. Their work will self-explain why you should monitor your cyber security, and keep you educated on the matter.


Threats from the Inside

You and outside companies can prepare all day for external threats, but they can sting even more when they come from within. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how strong your external protection is if you are not monitoring cyber activity inside. After all, as little as one slipup could reveal confidential information for the whole world to view.

With introspective insight comes a self-aware business. You can layer your security to protect and organise data, granting access only to the relevant persons. Furthermore, you can train employees in handling sensitive data, making sure it reaches the right people without excuse. Ultimately, an e-commerce company can’t be too thorough, and being publicly responsible for your own undoing is obviously its own brand of humiliation and failure.