Education through experience will help you achieve your goals while pursuing your dream job. Opportunities will be offered by companies, and it is more than just an internship; it is an apprenticeship. Apprenticeship teaches hard skills in the chosen vocation, soft skills that matter to employers and help to build a strong base for your entrepreneurial career.

Apprenticeship works for employees as well as companies. Companies prefer an enthusiastic apprentice over a graduate because, by the time graduates get their degree, former apprentices would have established themselves in the company. Moreover, if the company has invested in the apprentice, they would want to ensure that they build on it and stay ahead of the competition.

An interesting point to be noted here is that businesses depend on the people working for the company and apprenticeship ensures that a strong talent pipeline is created and the right employees are retained as long as possible.

Apprenticeship programs are opted by forwarding thinking companies in the world because they know the importance of it, and they want only the best working for them. Having a skilled workforce is a good sign for a company, but it also means you’ll have to invest in their training. One can depend on recruitment agencies for construction and many other sectors, but it is not a good idea to be dependent on these agencies.

Talking about apprenticeship, it is important to know that it attracts the attention of passionate, creative people more than those who are only motivated by money. Remember that most of the companies are looking for employees and apprentice who are driven by the pursuit of expertise. This is important even if the job role is not one that demands creativity.

Interestingly, youth unemployment is a major concern and if we look at unemployment at a global level, will notice that youth unemployment average is getting worse. Some people say that this is because young people are opting for startups and that should be considered as a good sign. Please know that we are not talking about those working towards their dream, but we are considering people who are looking for job opportunities and do not find it while running from one place to another in search for the right opportunity.

With this, we are not trying to say that a graduate will always lose in front of an apprentice but opt for an apprenticeship will help in molding your career in a better way and push you in the right direction.