Figure 1 social media and email delivery lower average CPLs

It is hard to deny the place of digital marketing in businesses, given that most of the consumers of goods and services continuously rely on the virtual world for access to different products and services. It is so evident that aping from what the top brands have already done, small businesses are now changing their business models for an online one.

It is, therefore, safe to say that in the 21st century, the success of any business is etched toward the success of their online maneuverability and operations. However, can you say that digital marketing is necessary for a startup company? Here are some reasons why you should consider digital marketing for your startup business:

Improved audience engagement

Businesses thrive well when they are in tune with their customers. The online platform has made it very convenient for business owners to interact with their target audience almost always. Once you join the digital forums, say, Twitter or other social media platforms, you have direct access to people you are targeting with your products and services. If you are wise enough to utilize these opportunities, you will find that most of your target audience turn into loyal customers and fans of your product. They even begin to promote your marketing campaigns and posts without you having to do anything.


As a startup, you most likely want to get into techniques that save you money than those that dig way too deep into your bank accounts. In essence, digital marketing is quite a cost-effective means as compared to the traditional kind of marketing.

In more ways than one, you find that digital marketing channels demand a lot fewer resources than does traditional marketing. In a place you would need transport money along with human labor to help spread your marketing messages one-on-one, you can accomplish the very same thing by sending a tweet on social media. See the table below by HubSpot a more analytical view.

More audience coverage

As a startup, you need all the attention you can get on your brand. It can be challenging to try and gain relevance while selling your products. In this case, you require as many people as possible to receive to your campaigns, see your adverts, and even respond to your call-to-action.

The good thing with digital marketing is that there are so many channels to capitalize on, which directly translates to more people. You can even target people by preference, sorting them out according to gender, age, location, and even purchasing power. For example, if you choose to concentrate on Facebook as your medium, you realize you have a potential of millions of active users that your message can get to if you target it appropriately.

More conversion rates

Top brands have over time found out that digital marketing has higher conversion rates than any other means whatsoever. The reason for all this appraisal is that it is much easier to track the effectiveness of your marketing through digital marketing than is it through traditional media.

Conversion rates are evident from the number of inquiries you get for products, numbers of sales, traffic rate, SERP of Google and other search engines, feedback, and reviews from target audiences, among others. If you can gather so much intel from your marketing campaigns for your digital marketing campaigns, then it means that you are sure of whether or not your marketing efforts are paying off, and how well to fix them when they are not.

Skyscraping opportunities

The extent to which your brand stands to benefit from the numerous of businesses online is tremendous. So many companies share the same industry as you, and in more ways than one, they would be willing to partner or work with a startup like yours in achieving a common agenda. The best thing with such an opportunity is that you have the chance to capitalize on their resources, more especially, their audience.

As a startup, most businesses have amassed more followers and fans than you, which means they are perfect for increasing the visibility of your brand.

Much said about the benefits of digital marketing, the decision still lies in your hands. Understanding the impending competition from top brands and other small companies, it is in your best interest to employ digital marketing, not to mention, visit for tips on how to track your progress online.