Eric Kim is a street photographer who has taken advantage of social networks to build his business. He earns, thanks to his photos, up to $ 200,000 a year. To make himself known, he used Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and especially Instagram. Why? Because it’s a social network exclusively for photo sharing.

Although many photographers do not want to use this network to be successful and to be recognized, using Instagram is sometimes a must; the more you use this network to your advantage, the more you will be known and successful. This is the case of Eric Kim. Here are his tips.

Why use Instagram?

Instagram is probably the most important social network for photographers right now. But Instagram is a difficult and strange beast that needs to be mastered because you need to have a long-term planning; in that you have to login and post manually each time. This can make it difficult to manage your work as a photographer, because even if you publish your photos often, will they be noticed?

I am a photographer and educator who has taken advantage of these networks. In order for my work to be seen and recognized, I had to spend several hours commenting on others’ photos and sharing mine. The results are not realized overnight. But I persisted and I succeeded. How? By having dozens, then hundreds of buy followers on Instagram – or “followers” if you prefer.

No strategy can be used “right or wrong”. You just have to be honest with people and present them your best photos. Thanks to this honesty, more people will follow you, so more “followers” to discover your work. Those who do not like your photos, will stop following you, but you will have built a base of “followers” that will allow you to make yourself known. This sounds simple and obvious, but I can assure you that you will have to be patient and invest your time to feed your Instagram followers account with good photos.

Ask yourself the right questions

Before starting, you must ask yourself some questions; will this strategy work? Do I have to reveal my true personality? How will you decide to share your photos? I always recommend trying a little of all of this because you have to discover your goals.

Are you looking for more potentially paying customers or just more followers to see your work? These are questions that will help you develop your own strategy. If you do not know exactly what is your goal and your approach, you will fail.

For my part, I chose to have more “followers” to have more customers potentially paying. And it works! Thanks to Instagram, I became known and hundreds of people come to my workshops around the world.

Incentafan and other stuff

Some people tell me that to increase the number of followers I just need to use Incentafan. These people have not understood that this thing does not allow to have real followers; those who will be interested in your work and who will pay to attend your workshops or your courses on photography.

The number of followers must be integrated into a long-term strategy to make money. Remember; I earn about $ 200,000 annually. The number of followers must be part of a long-term strategy and not just to have several people following you, not interested in your courses or workshops.

When I started out in street photography, I used the Ricoh GR II camera. Thanks to the money I made through my workshops, I now use a Leica. So I proceeded in stages. You must apply the same approach if you want to live on your passion.

I know photographers who have equipment worth thousands of dollars. Starting with my little expert, I spent about $ 570. This device allowed me to learn to make better pictures. I did not have the latest high-end SLR; a simple compact was enough.