Why Local SEO is Important


When companies first invest in SEO they may have dreams of grandeur in mind. For example, winning a big-time keyword that gets thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of views each month. While this dream is one that can definitely be realized, there are sometimes more strategic ways to get to the top rather than putting all of your eggs in one keyword basket. Specifically, there is a huge amount of value in putting your money towards local keywords. Or, in other words, it’s important to engage inĀ local SEO, or whatever city you do business in.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO takes into consideration long tail keywords that include the cities and locations where your products and services can be found. Many times, these local keywords are much more important to win than their short-tail, larger volume cousin keywords. For example, let’s take a dentist in the Austin, TX area. While it would seemingly look like a huge win to rank for the keyword “dentist” with thousands of views each month, the keyword is too general to be of much use. If you’re going to a dentist, you want to find one close to an area you live in. So targeting keywords like “dentist in Austin”, “dentist in Texas” would be more relevant, specific and ultimately provide better results.

Benefits of Local SEO

When you work with a digital marketing firm likeĀ Motoza SEO, or any other SEO agency, you get the expertise of a company that has spent years working with local businesses that need to rank for keywords. The hardest part is finding the right keywords to rank for since you have to find keywords that aren’t highly contested and are relevant to what you do in order to see results quickly. The flip side is that if you can rank for a number of local keywords, even if their volume is low, they can start to add up quickly. Plus, local keywords typically are easier to win quickly, meaning you can start to see traffic (albeit not very much in the beginning) much sooner than if you were to only target high-volume, tougher keywords.

Lastly, you get the benefit of giving a specific solution to a specific search query. If someone is looking for the “best dentist in Austin, TX” and you rank in the top 10 for that keyword and your practice is in Austin, then you have found a very specific customer that is looking exactly for you. This kind of local online marketing benefits both the business and potential customers in a way that is hard to beat.