You may have came across the word” SERP” in the SEO environment; it is so much related to the page landing, ranking and many other things. Nowadays business people are pouring lots of money to bring their business websites, in the top ranking level. Here we can use SERP to bring the web pages to the top ranking lists. SERP stands for Search Engine Result Page; SERP is nothing but a webpage which is the resulting webpage of the query. The resulting webpage is normally obtained from the search engines by using ranking of keywords.

Normally the page ranking is done by using the keywords. When a search engine looks the keyword at the query that we entered, it goes through all the metadata. When it encounters any similarities between the keyword and the metadata, it immediately displays the results. The ranking of web pages may differ due to the frequency of data and based upon the strength of the keyword. So without any further due! Let us directly jump into the article to explore more about SERP API.

Google’s SERP

Google’s SERP is the premium addon which returns the top 50 or top 100 landing web pages in the internet. It is also considered as a premium addon at rank top 50 API and rank top 100 API. Normally the resulting web pages includes ranks, page notations, URLs, landing pages which is videos, chat boxes, chatting facilities,  events and rating facilities. There are many agencies that provide this wonderful SERP API based upon the user’s features and needs everything can be customized. To get this wonderful SERP API, you should get support from the experts like…….


Normally API is used to create a better experience to the users. There are many number of API are present in the market. Google also uses many different types of API too list the top ranking web pages to its users. The following are the features of the SERP API

Real results at real time

In the SERP API unlike other APIs all the requests run in the full browser. To provide full security and also to prevent forgery it solves all types of CAPTCHAs. It is done in such a way such that it creates all the possibilities that how a human will think and what will be the decision taken by the human at certain situations. So that we can get what the users really see during their searching in internet. In addition to many features, it is the most important one that it can differentiate between the human and other behavior.

 Most Accurate Location

There is any API present in the market; this provides location to certain keywords. But the matter is that. Is the location is accurate? By using SERP API you can get the most accurate locations of certain things, based on the query. The SERP API uses the “location “parameter to obtain the location results from anywhere in the world.

To provide accuracy, SERP API uses the Google’s geo location, which is present in the encrypted form. Then the query of the user will be routed through the proxy server which is present nearest to the user’s requested location. This is done to provide accuracy to the user’s results.


The organic results which include details about markets, stores, shopping centers and knowledge graph. It also provides lots of structured data available it includes links, addresses, prices, reviews, rich snippets and many more also present there.

Everything is legal

When it comes to SERP API, everything is legal. Because when crawling the public data we can face many problems. It is guaranteed that everything here is protected by the government. There is no way to cyber crimes and any other illegal activities. So it is very safe to use SERP API, there is nothing to worry.


So if you want to bring your company profile at the top ranking lists, you can definitely use the SER API tool. As seen in the article, it has many advanced features when compared to other existing articles in the market. So it is highly recommended to use SERP API to rank the top ranking web pages on the internet.