What does UMyProto Do?

We provide online services for WEB developers which could help them to save their time. The biggest our project is the WEB GUI Builder – UMyProto.com . It’s main goal is to help developers in the prototyping of WEB Apps. With UMyProto you can make alive prototype in several simple steps!
And of course we are looking for new features for all our products and services.

Why do we need UMyProto?

Very often customers ask developers to show the prototype of their product, and the worst that developer can do just show them a picture with a buttons. But how customers could understand the usability and interaction? With UMyProto it’s really easy to show alive app with full functionality of user interface. Then, from the very beggining you could have the usefull feedback from the customer and make him happy!

Who is UMyProto for?

Our service is helpful for software (WEB) developers, project managers, team leaders and also for their customers. Even customer that not related to software development can use our service to show developers how he see his future application.
Team leaders and project managers could use our service to show interface of the app to members of their teams.
So we think every one can find the right way for use our service.

What makes UMyProto stand out from Others? 

UMyProto builder includes widgets from diffrent companies. All widgets are fully adjusteble and easy to use with drag-and-drop model.
Also user can make his prototype alive by using the “Action” section. After all, user can generate HTML files and look on his prototype in his brouser in real time. More over, all user projects are in the cloud so he can use it from any other computer or device.

What’s Next of UMyProto? 

We are looking for new features, new widgets, and other things which can help user make his work easier. We are ready to do a lot of work, if users really need something to have in our product.
We looking forward to cooperate with companies which provides new widgets to help each other in making our customers more happy.