A logo is an organization’s first introduction. It hugely affects the customers’ opinion on your brand, and their buying choices. A logo generally addresses the state of mind your customers will have towards your services and products. Numerous worldwide brands put a considerable measure of time, effort (and cash) into planning and enhancing their logos. The ideal logo characterizes the uniqueness of a business brand and imparts business esteem.

A logo is treated as the fingerpost that enables individuals to discover and distinguish any business. An incredible logo reflects the identity of a business, and recognizes the organization among the different organizations. If the brand message is successfully integrated with the logo, everything the business does becomes affiliated with the brand’s message and meaning, conveyed though the logo.

Wix Logo Maker allows small business owners and companies to design a free logo to encourage their business standards. Usually, most of the small businesses prefer to use Wix as a DIY branding solutions. With this tool, it is easy to create and design a logo that will fit the respective brand, and will be customizable for any platform. Wix provides a great collection of tools that are necessary when designing a logo, with a guide to choose the perfect font, color, and size.

Startups and Small businesses who start their journey as an entrepreneur can definitely make use of Wix Logo Maker, a tool that allows them to make a logo for very little cost. Probably, a logo would be a huge part of the first impression to reach out to their audience.

To Create a Logo using the Wix Logo Maker, go through these steps:

  1. Enter the business or organization name.
  2. Describe the purpose of creating the logo.
  3. Submit all the answers to create an online logo with Wix Logo Maker.
  4. Customize the logo exactly in the desired way.
  5. Download the design, with an option to create a website as well.

The best features included in Wix Logo Maker are described below:

  1. AI driven logo design options

With information taken from the answers provided, an algorithm with a various set of options generates a selection of logo design options automatically. Wix Logo Maker has features that pick the right logo options that fits your businesses.

As a DIY branding solution, Wix Logo Maker saves you the trouble of employing a logo designer. But before going deeper into Wix Logo Maker, make sure to have an idea and start practicing a variety of logo designs before the final and absolute logo is developed.


  1. Dedicated editor for full customization options

The logo editor allows you to edit fonts, spacing, alignment, sizes, and colors, and have full control on the end result.

Wix Logo Maker is full of icons, shapes at disposal for creating a logo. When using Wix Logo Maker the user doesn’t need to be an expert in PhotoShop or Illustrator, everything is simple, friendly, and self-explanatory.

  1. High-resolution vector files download

More than 120 Million people trust Wix for designing a website and managing their online business. Wix came up with a new addition called Wix Logo Maker. Many professionals who used Wix for designing the website are now using Wix Logo Maker to design a professional logo for their business.

They provide an option to download a high-resolution vector file. Once the appropriate logo is designed and reached the satisfaction level, download it. This portrays the quality of delivery they provide to any business irrespective of their sizes.

  1. Pricing Plans

Wix Logo Maker is available to create as many test logos that are necessary for your business. It has unlimited storage for all the sketches and draft logos that are created while practicing. For a clear idea of how your logo will look, download a free sample of the logo. If you are satisfied with the final result, then there are three pricing options provided to download the logo.

  1. Basic Logo- With a cost of €12.99, a full commercial, high-resolution file of the logo can be downloaded.
  2. Professional Logo- With a cost of €49.99, Upgrade of basic logo Package is given, with a collection of a social media kit, brand guide, vector files, print-ready files which are ready-to-use with easy and customizable options.
  3. With a cost of €99.99, a complete guide and a special promo code for a website and a domain is given to make your work simple and effective. This option is mainly for high-end businesses who want their brand to be recognized with a single logo, with a matching website design.


Wix Logo Maker is the best option for those entrepreneurs who are starting a new business, Logo designers who want to reduce their work load, and for all people with basic aesthetic senses and design skills. It is a sophisticated tool which impresses with its customizable options. Everyone should try this tool, for completing complex work in less time.

The features of Wix Logo Maker allow you to design a logo, get professional vector-type files, and print the logo anywhere. Apart from the Logo maker, Wix platform is used to create a website, set a domain, and promote an online presence. It is designed to generate freedom for creating anything.