Why XMRWallet is the Hottest Topic in Cryptocurrency

There’s a new web-based Monero wallet application, XMRWallet, that’s taking the cryptocurrency community by storm — and for good reason, too.

Those familiar with the Monero cryptocurrency may know that you need a wallet to store and secure your Monero coins. Whilst many Monero wallets require a download to your personal computer for access, a new wave of web-based XMR wallet applications — which require no download — has recently come onto the scene.


One of the newest kids on the online wallet block, known simply as XMRWallet, is creating a lot of buzz among Monero owners. Creator Nathalie Roy (known on Reddit as WiseSolution) recently told the online publication Bitcoinist that she built the application as an alternative to existing web-based Monero wallets, improving aspects of other applications and expanding features for those who use Monero as a cryptocurrency.

Monero as a Secure Cryptocurrency
Monero is a type of cryptocurrency that acts as digital cash, allowing you to complete transactions virtually anonymously. There are many reasons why users choose Monero over other forms of cryptocurrency, but Monero specifically offers four features that are advantageous to crypto users:

1.Security: Monero cryptocurrency is decentralised, with no third-party monitor, and all transactions that use Monero are user-based and user-distributed

2.Untraceable: Monero obfuscates transaction information, including the amount, origin and destination. This creates a more private execution that is beneficial to businesses and individuals alike.

3.Privacy: By using features like stealth addressing and ring signatures, Monero transactions are private and dependable.

4.Fungibility: Because Monero is private by default, it’s also fungible. This means previous transactions can’t cause a vendor to blacklist the cryptocurrency. To understand fungibility more, see ‘What is fungibility, and why is it important?’ on Monero’s official website.

XMRWallet in Brief
XMRWallet is a specially-designed online application that has been developed for the purpose of sending and receiving Monero cryptocurrency. The application is anonymous, meaning no personally identifiable information is stored within XMRWallet and all transactions are, as the cryptocurrency is famous for, untraceable. XMRWallet provides uninterrupted Monero transactions that are faster and easier than other online and downloadable Monero wallets.

XMRWallet Improvements and Expanded Features
Because Monero is by design a decentralised cryptocurrency, meaning it is totally run by users and not by a third party, many Monero wallets are developed in that same way. XMRWallet is no exception to this rule. As an independently run and created wallet, XMRWallet is able to expand upon and improve features found in other Monero web-based wallets. Some of XMRWallet’s greatest features include:

  • Quick transaction execution via a full client-side operation
  • Account creation in a matter of seconds using no personally identifiable information
  • Full compatibility with other popular Monero wallet seeds, including MyMonero and original Monero
  • Access to multiple seeds in new tabs
  • Support for multiple languages, including English, French, Russian, German, Italian, and others
  • A Monero balance view that updates automatically and shows your XMR/USD balance
  • The ability to send a maximum amount


As you can see, XMRWallet offers many sought-after features for Monero users. That’s why it’s one of the hottest topics in cryptocurrency today. To learn more about XMRWallet, or to create a Monero account, visit the XMRWallet website.