Why you need a responsive website design

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Did you know that over two-thirds of the world’s mobile users access online services using their gadgets? Studies have also shown that use of desktop to access such services has diminished significantly. With an ever-increasing number of mobile users today, you’d be under utilizing your website if it is not designed to respond perfectly to the needs of this market segment. But why spend money on a marketing strategy that does not pay when you have a limitless opportunity?

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Leads to increased traffic from mobile users

Previously, a business would design two versions of a website; one that is compatible with the desktop users and another for those who want to access services using their mobile devices. Many businesses do this even today. However, the increasing mobile usage, you don’t need to have both, you only need a good custom website design professional who will ensure that your website provides a great experience to the mobile users. A website that is easily accessible to mobile users will ensure a high rate of referral and return customers.

Low maintenance cost

A mobile responsive website is easily manageable and ensures that you have a minimal cost of maintenance. This system is all-inclusive; it accommodates all gadgets, both the mobile and the desktop. It may appear expensive to establish but the cost of maintenance goes down with time. It also takes less time to establish and therefore freeing time that can be used to attend to other gainful business activities. Again, with this system, you can introduce location-based offers to drive numbers to your site.

There is seamless user experience

One of the greatest benefits of having a responsive website is excellent user experience. A website, which is non-responsive, appears distorted on mobile devices and therefore no matter how appealing the design may be, no user would be interested.   Everything is jumbled up; the texts and the images appear disfigured and it takes you ages to get the information you need. With such pain inflicted on the users, you don’t expect any gains. It is better to take time and pay more for a responsive website that will attract traffic than getting a website that will send away customers.

A responsive website adapts easily to any screen

Mobile devices are of different sizes and only a responsive website design will be adaptable to any screen size. With such a design, you know that your website is highly competitive and a preference for many mobile users.

It improves your SEO efforts

Every website owner is always seeking for a way of improving the SEO ability of their website. Through keywords and other efforts, they try to make their sites as visible as possible. However, no matter how well your site is optimized, if it is not responsive, your content will not be accessible and therefore down plain your efforts.

For you to attract high traffic and increase the dwell time, you must ensure that it is user-focused. Having a responsive website is one of the perfect ways of bolstering this experience. Get a design agency that has good experience in the industry.