Why You Should Consider Outsourcing SEO For Your Company


Remember the days before the internet when you referred to the yellow pages for all your service needs? One of the most popular company names was Aardvark. This demonstrated a consumer need for quick answers to their search and getting to the top of the list was almost always guaranteed to drum up business.

The same goes for Search Engine Optimization. It’s just not as simple as naming your company ‘Aardvark’ so you can appear at the top of the alphabetical listing. Instead, you need to master a complex web of analytics and algorithms which are constantly evolving as search engines like Google strive to stay ahead of websites streamlining their web presence just to stay at the top of search results.

You Need to Stay Competitive

The number one ranking on any search term will get the most traffic to their website. Now you may be wondering about PPC (Pay Per Click) which are the Google Paid Ads at the top of the listing. This may seem like a more attractive option and it can yield quicker results, however, studies indicate that 71.33% of all users will click on an organic result on page one of their search. 

Page two and three will only get 5.59% of click which leaves a measly 15% of clicks going to the paid for ads at the top of the page. There is no doubt that when done well, PPC will get you an immediate return on your investment, but SEO is recognized as the best long-term return on investment.

Take your own search habits into consideration. How often do you choose to click on a paid ad?  How often do you go past the first three to five results? 

Agencies Have the Most Experience

Deciding to do your SEO inhouse takes significant resource and unless you have an SEO expert onboard then you won’t necessarily be guaranteed results. In fact, when done wrong, SEO can have the opposite effect and get your website penalized by Google.

‘Google’s penalties are very hard to fix and require an investment of time and money that is best avoided by working with an experienced professional’ says Elijah Litscher with The Loop Marketing in Chicago IL.

Agencies Get the Best Results

Masses of analysis and knowledge is required in order to really nail down a good SEO strategy. Anything else is simply a roll of the dice.  Any efforts need to be tracked and adjusted throughout the campaign in order to achieve optimum results. Pretty much all the companies that currently sit in the top spots will have engaged the services of an SEO agency.

It Takes Time and Effort to Get Results

There is no quick fix when it comes to SEO. Masses of relevant content needs to be produced and published on suitable sites. This needs to be maintained with fresh content and fresh links constantly being updated. By attempting this yourself, you will effectively be shifting your focus from the running of your company. 

Let the Agency Help With All Your Digital Marketing Needs

Most agencies will extend their expertise from more than just SEO and can assist you with other digital marketing initiatives that can directly impact the success of your business.