Why Your Company’s Website Format Matters


When you’ve started a new business, most likely your primary focus is on making your products and services great. After all, any business is only as good as what it provides, whether that business provides tangible products, in-person services, or online services.

And to some extent, you’re right: a business is often judged based on the quality of its products or services.

But before a potential client even gets to your products and services, they’re going to judge you on other things. They’re going to judge you on your customer service, your reputation, and — perhaps most importantly — your website.

The internet is one of the first things that people turn to when they’re trying to determine whether or not a company is reputable and reliable. Your company’s website should convince people to put their faith in you, not turn them away before they’ve even given your business a chance.

Websites are important because first impressions are important. Here are a few tips on how to make your website work for you.

Invest in a professional web designer

When you’re designing your website for the first time, or giving your website an overhaul, it’s a fantastic idea to hire a professional web designer for the task.

It may seem like an unnecessary investment right now, but a web designer can ensure that your website has the best possible look and functionality, so that you only have to do minor tweaks in the future.

Sure, you could probably figure out how to get a basic website up and running, even if you don’t have any experience in web design. But a professional contractor can do better work in a shorter amount of time, and give you a website that has all the functionality you need.

If you feel money is tight right now, you might consider getting a small loan to cover the cost of a web designer. You can get small loans online to cover expenses such as these.

Have fresh eyes navigate the site

Once the prototype of the website is up and running, have someone who has not worked on the website attempt to navigate through. You may enlist a family member or friend, or anyone else you feel will be honest with you.

You can direct them to search for specific things on the site, such as your company’s hours, location, contact information, or services and products. A truly functional website will allow a first-time user to find these things easily and quickly, without any frustration in the process.

Allow customers to leave feedback

As you are constructing your site, include a way for people to easily leave you feedback, whether it’s feedback about the website itself or your company in general.

Customer feedback is invaluable in helping you to grow and shape your company, and cannot be overstated.

Once this option has been included on the website, be sure to check the feedback regularly and respond promptly if necessary. Some comments may not require a response at all, but others will point out glaring problems that need to be fixed immediately, or may require a personal response to remedy a problem that a customer is facing.

With your website up and running, take the time to regularly tweak and adjust it, so that it becomes more and more usable for your customers. Your website can bring in new customers and help grow your business, if only you invest the time to make your website great.