No matter how much you may try to implement a fantastic working environment to allow all of your employees to thrive and shine, something may go wrong. If somebody is not pulling their weight, or in fact is having a negative effect on the team, it can cause a multitude of problems. One of the main concerns in trying to combat such occurrences is to minimize the impact on the rest of the team, and make sure all of the work continues smoothly. With this in mind, certain approaches hold much more credence than others do.

If just one employee happens to be causing chaos in the background, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what is going on, in order to properly address the situation. There can also be a number of different reasons for such behaviour.

Should the person in question be the bullying type, it can often cause those who are confronted to hide away from the problem, rather than come forward and tell somebody about it. This could occur if the employee under duress is scared of the other, or does not feel the problem will get sorted out if they approach the management about it.

When this happens, the rogue employee can fly under the radar for a while until something really noticeable happens. When this kind of aura proliferates, the entire work ethic of the team, or a collective working on a project, can drop rapidly. If one is being abusive to others, this can manifest in many ways. It could be someone with line management authority delegating impossible tasks to another, who may then take offence. This could well leave a person who works well and has done nothing wrong feeling unhappy, and if the situation remains unresolved it could lead to valued members of a team departing.

If you have a reasonable idea, or are definitely aware of whom the culprit is, this makes things easier. Different steps can then be taken, based on the severity of the offence. Singling out bullying behaviour and removing the offender from projects where they are affecting others is one such initial measure. Should this not have the desired effect, disciplinary procedures often follow.

Should other employees inform the decision makers that there is an obvious cause for such behaviour, such as problems with alcohol and drugs, it may well make it easier to resolve the problem. Company policies will vary, but should there be contractual clauses that prohibit workers being affected by substances at work, you can root out the trouble immediately with a mandatory oral fluid lab test, which can identify the cause of all these disruptive outcomes.

Of course, the key to any good team and the success of all projects relies on a great work harmony between employees, who can trust each other and work effectively in a group. If you are able to ensure this, and guarantee productivity, the outcome will be positive.