Wrike — A project management tool to efficiently handle your business dealings

Wrike —  A project management tool to efficiently handle your business dealings

Wrike provides a real-time tool that harmonizes work management and collaboration by simplifying how you do work with a user-friendly interface, and making team workflows crystal-clear and systematic for large enterprises. The startup was founded in 2006, and after raising over $10 million from well-known investors such as Bain Capital, today they have more than 6,000 customers. Wrike has developed a market-leading product by satisfying the needs of their customers, and they continue to offer new innovations in the project management space. Their customers include Google, Stanford, EBay, and many more. Last year they were named as a “Cool Vendor” in Social Software and Collaboration by Gartner.

Wrike is a project management software that is easy to use for both Agile and Waterfall planning methods. For Agile planners, users can group tasks into sprints, assign them to team members, and create charts to show progress. For Waterfall fans, Wrike allows you to set project milestones and use the charts to visually display and map team workflow. Their tools for project management include these key features:

  • Simple task management
  • Document sharing
  • Email integration
  • Live, collaborative editing

And Wrike’s project management tools are also available via free Android and iOS apps.

Wrike also offers integrations with other popular tools, including:

  • Email, which lets you interact with your Wrike workspace from your inbox on any email client:
  • Create a new Wrike task
  • Assign the task to specific team members
  • Share the task with different users
  • Schedule or reschedule the task
  • Leave comments on tasks
  • Attach documents
  • Outlook, which transforms your Wrike emails into interactive tasks. You can edit, track, and analyze projects without leaving Outlook. Updates on the same task are threaded into a single email, so that your inbox does not get flooded with mail. This integration enables you to work on Wrike tasks using an interface you already know.
  • Apple Mail is a built-in client developed for Mac operating systems. The Wrike add-in for Apple Mail transforms emails into tasks, similar to the Outlook add-in. One email is linked to one task, without creating new emails for every update, and the email floats to the top of your inbox when there is a task changes. Using the add-in, you have complete editing and updating capabilities for your tasks in Wrike.
  • Chrome Extension, which immediately creates Wrike tasks from any webpage by just clicking the extension. You can transform a LinkedIn profile, Salesforce log, or a news article into a task, and immediately store and share the webpage-turned-task with other users in your Wrike account. The Wrike Chrome Extension also keep track of how many active tasks are associated with the page you are currently viewing.

Other integrations on their list include: Google Apps Marketplace, Zapier, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Gmail, and more.

Wrike’s complete set of online tools for managing projects help managers and team members plan, organize, execute, and track projects through their entire lifecycle. It may be said, without a doubt, that it a complete solution for business enterprises.