XNSPY: the Mobile Spy Software Fit for an eParent

XNSPY best Mobile Spy Software Fit for an eParent

I’ve recently been using a parenting app for my daughter that I really like. It called XNSPY and it lets me go through my daughter’s calls, texts, internet usage, GPS location, you get the drift. So I thought I’d share it with you today. Because if you’re looking to be a more proactive eParent, too, you’re going to need a good mobile spy software.


Before I talk about anything else, let me first tell what this app lets you do. You can

  • Monitor call logs
  • Record calls
  • Record phone surrounding
  • Monitor SMS
  • Monitor IMs
  • Track GPS location
  • Monitor internet history
  • Look at all the stored media

With this, I can monitor the conversations my daughter is having with other people on her phone. I know what websites she goes to on the internet. I know where she goes because of the GPS feature. So yeah, as far as mobile spy software go, this has the complete list of features if not more.

XNSPY Remote Control

This is something I really liked that XNSPY had to offer and that I don’t see in other cell phone monitoring apps. It has a remote control through which you can send commands to the target phone. You can remotely

  • Record phone surroundings
  • Lock phone
  • Wipe phone data

just by sending a remote command. This is great because if during your monitoring, you see your child browsing through something inappropriate, you can just temporarily lock the phone.

Overall Usability

I haven’t face a problem with the usability so far, and I’ve been using this mobile monitoring software for over a month. It has, on the contrary enabled me to better exercise parenting in digital platforms. So parents that want to better control how their kids use their phones, XNSPY is for you.