Yellowstone Capital LLC Reviewed


Yellowstone Capital is a company that is into funding small businesses by providing merchant cash advances. However, unlike other merchant cash advance (MCA) providers Yellowstone Capital LLC has teamed up with many funding partners across the MCA industry, so as to fund even those deals that may seem impossible to others.

For Yellowstone, funding is not about making money. It is about helping small businesses meet their working capital needs and grow. Till date, they have helped more than 25,000 small businesses by providing them with the capital that the need, when they need it.  They have raised more than $1 Billion through merchant cash advances, to help these businesses grow, strive and succeed. This is why most of their customers keep coming back to them to fulfil their finance requirements.

Most banks and major funders force small business owners to deal with computers. For them, their worth is only on the paper. But at Yellowstone Capital customers are treated as individuals. Staffed by live people, who happen to be industry veterans in small business funding, they partner with their clients on a personal level to make sure they grow and succeed. They are one of the oldest of the merchant cash providers, who understand what it takes to fund small businesses.

Having formed one of the country’s largest ISO Network, Yellowstone Capital has set itself apart from its competition. It has an expert team of in-house funders who focus on different businesses / industries. Through their funding partners from the MCA industry they try to fund deals even for the credit-challenged businesses.

The team at Yellowstone Capital understands how important time is for small business owners who apply for funding. Whether a client is looking for working capital to meet his business operating requirements or funds to expand his business, they will be released, more often than not, on the same day they get approved.

Their program is incredibly simple and very different from that of the traditional ISO and funding methods. It only takes one simple call for its clients to get the results that they are looking for. They have 5 in-house funders who work real fast to approve and release funds as and when required. Apart from providing the funding that they need, Yellowstone Capital saves a lot of time for its clients.

The process of financing for small businesses at Yellowstone Capital involves three basic steps. The first step involves calling into the personal liaison and discussing funding requirements. The liaison will then begin negotiating to offer the client, their best deal possible. Then the required documentation is submitted by the client the funding will be released within the next 48 hours.

To fund every small business that comes to them for assistance is the main goal of Yellowstone Capital. The game is simple with absolutely no waiting time. The results are honest and very much obtainable within the expected time frame. Their expert in-house funding team as well as their association with external funding partners enable them has kept them funding more and more deals in a faster way.