YouTube or Tiktok Videos – Find out How TONOR 12″ Selfie Ring Light is useful

High-quality and bright skin tone are most people’s dreams when recording videos. Especially for vloggers, tiktokers, content creators and people who often shoot videos or capture pictures, excellent quality and glowing skin are a must. If you are one of them, you must know the pain behind recording a perfect video with perfect light balance. However, days are gone where you had to use a lamp or mighty light setup to record bright and beautiful images or videos. Fortunately, selfie rings have come to the rescue. Although the selfie rings are there for while now, most people are unaware of their importance.

With low light and improper camera position, all your efforts and time you have spent in recording a video go in waste. The other popular challenge is shooting at nights or in the evenings. Selfie rings provide enough light, enhance the video quality and boost your confidence whenever you want to shoot, day or night. Simply put, selfie rings are the life saviours for those who often shoot during evenings or in the low light. So, if you haven’t yet started using a selfie ring, you are not too late. Again, the market is crowded with tons of selfie rings, finding the best one is a tiring and time consuming process. This is why this article introduces you to the most used and highly rated selfie ring from a popular brand TONER. TONER 12” is the highly recommended selfie ring as it not only comes with a selfie ring light but a tripod stand and a bluetooth remote. Isn’t it cool?

OK. Enough said. Let’s quickly get into why TONOR 12” Selfie Ring Light is the one for recording YouTube or TikTok videos. Let us look into its unique standout features and advantages before you make the decision. So, let’s get started.

Standout features

Dimmable Ring Light

One of the most crucial features you should look for when buying a selfie ring is brightness control. You can’t compromise with the dim or over bright light  even after buying a modern selfie ring right? The TONER 12″ Selfie Ring Light allows you to control the brightness of the ring based on your room lighting. You can adjust the brightness based on how you want to look in the video, whether natural or warm or cold. The TONER 12″ ring light offers three different color modes, as said, warm, natural and cold light. These serve as options for YouTubers and TikTokers who don’t have enough brightness in the recording studio or room.

The ring light also comes with 10 brightness levels or color temperatures ranging from 2700k to 6500k light. Thus you can experience customizable light and brightness and make each video unique. Additionally it has Color Rendering Index if 80 – 90 and Luminous Flux of 500 – 800lm for offering high quality videos. So, whether you are making attention grabbing TikTok videos or YouTube videos, or attending Zoom calls with a client, you and your audiences will have the best experience.

High-quality product

One of the most significant features of TONOR is its premium quality design. The product is made of supreme quality materials to last longer for up to 20,000 hours of usage. Its premium quality LED bulbs, electrostatic technology and overvoltage protection make the product unique and exceptional. Thus for people who often shoot videos or attend online meetings, TONOR comes handy and makes your appearance and video quality outstanding. 

Additionally, the product comes with a few extraordinary addons. You also get a tripod stand, smartphone holder and a bluetooth remote. A selfie ring ring without a stand is meaningless. Setting up with some other equipment and fixing the camera or mobile position are additional tasks that also eats your time and disturbs your shooting. Luckily, TONER 12″ comes with a tripod stand TRL-20 and a smartphone holder to make shooting or recording easy.

The tripod stand can be adjusted between 16 inches to 53 inches height and can hold up to 3 kgs weight. Thus you can enjoy a customized brightness, and position adjustment with a single purchase. Get Selfie Ring Light on Amazon now!

Now, comes the other best feature. TONOR 12″ also comes with a remote powered by Bluetooth. It works within 10 to 20 meters and is compatible with Android and iOS. You can just pair it with the device and control the lighting and recording right from your position.

Safe and comfortable to eyes

Most selfie ring light simply uses low quality bulbs for the sake of additional brightness. But that is not the case with TONOR 12″ TRL-20. It only uses high-quality LED bulbs to make your skin look glowing and adorable. The selfie ring has 160 bulbs yet it doesn’t cause any ee glare. In fact, they offer comfort to eyes and high brightness to the skin and overall great quality to the video. So, even if you use the selfie ring light more often, you need not worry about hurting your eyes.

Slim design and durability

Although the product is built with high quality material to last longer, you can still enjoy its slim design. Its thickness is around 1.18″ and is slimmer than any other selfie rings available in the market. Thus with its slim and stylish design it not only looks good but flexible to carry. 


TONOR 12” is a cost effective solution for both trending and upcoming YouTubers and TikTokers. It just costs $49.99. Order now and get a trip stand, Bluetooth remote with the product.

Advantages of using TONOR 12” selfie ring light

Easy to operate

As said, the TONOR 12″ selfie ring comes with a Bluetooth remote making recording or shooting quite easy. It comes with a high-quality tripod, phone holder and a USB cable to make the product and video recording easy to use.

Lasts for 20,000H

The company claims that the TONER 12″ is designed to work for up to 20,000 hours. Its high quality plate, LED bulbs and electrostatic shielding technology make sure the product lasts longer.

Multiple uses

TONOR 12″ is designed for multipurpose usage. Whether it is Zoom conference or TikTok videos or YouTube videos for Makeup tutorials, it has got your back.

Bottom Line

As you can see, there are quite many advantages in using TONOR 12”. It is the life saviour for YouTubers and TikToker as it makes the videos brighter, and beautiful. So, what are you waiting for? Make your videos more captivating and fruitful with the new TONOR 12” selfie ring light.