10 Exciting Website Design Trends For 2018

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Choosing what design style to follow in 2018 will be more important than ever. Attracting the public and standing out in crowds overloaded with information will be a challenge for next year 2019. Just last year the trends of our mobile machines became more and more vital in design: people are disposed to believe that this year the trend is going to continue, making elements for intance, adaptive (responsive) logos crucial for designers.

Probably also we see a predominance approach to web design of dynamism and vibrant colors, personalized illustrations and more freedom in creativity. 2018 will be a year of colorful vibrations and movement: it sounds exciting, right? Read on to discover the latest 10 Exciting Website Design Trends for 2018

1. Futuristic Ornamentalism

Beginning in the 2000s, the future appeared to resemble the things we truly saw in the great Matrix: sequences of number shifting, technology, robotics and pulsating lights. However, this very scenario lost its stunning appeal while it seemed clear that the films were more distant from certainty that was less advanced than we anticipated.

Although recently, we have seen that these robotic tendencies are returning, when referring to statistics, analytics or Big Data.

2. Simplicity And Comfort Website Design

A timeless trend where simplicity translates into cleanliness! Space is king: its optimization works for a versatile and multifunctional design. What are the advantages of Simplicity and comfort Website Design?

Easier to navigate- The navigation buttons are only essential and are not stacked in the same corner of the page, providing clarity.

Less loading time- If we choose to use few elements, naturally the loading time of each page will be less. Remember that speeding up the load is important for a good user experience.

Easiest content to scan- Users tend not to read every word on a page, but to scan their content from top to bottom. A good organization of the text blocks helps to make that scanning easier.

Easier to track- For search engine spiders it is easier to analyze the content of a stripped website.

3. Extra Depth (With Semi-Plane Design)

Adding some flavor to the traditional flat design could be the right direction for 2018: a little shadow will help give the objects a rounder dimension, while the minimalist attitude that made the flat design noticeable this year will remain dominant.

While the minimalist design consists of using only the essential elements in the design of a website and doing more with less, the clean design has to see more with placing each element exactly where it is needed.

4. Adaptive Logos (Responsive)

When you receive calls on your mobile, the logos respond. In a future increasingly oriented to the mobile experience, the desktop loses more and more importance and brands must adapt to new devices, whether smartphones or tablets.

Receptive logos become crucial for designers: a brand must be able to present itself independently of dimensions and spaces. So this will be a stimulating challenge for the designers since the receptive logos will be a necessity for 2018.

5. Custom Illustrations

Making use of stock images is not always so much fun, much less creative. That is why in 2018 we will see more designs and personalized illustrations and less standardized. The personalization of a brand starts with the design and the search for a brand language based on drawings and illustrations.

What will turn any website into a unique and unambiguous identification card that will speak with the voice of the brand from the start?

6. Animations, Gifts, And Cinemagraphs

With the social explosion of GIFs, the animation is getting bigger and bigger! Using mobile elements guarantees a striking and provocative strategy, which can be valuable for news bulletins, email marketing, as well as landing pages.

Probably 2018 will still see the return of the trend cinemagraphs (stable images with a single moving element, like a cup of animated smoke coming out of it). The important thing is to never sit still!

7. Micro-Interactions

They are everywhere. Every time you like something on Facebook or you slip through mobile applications, you become part of micro-interactions. And they work quite well, considering that their goal is to involve the user and ensure a dynamic experience.

The stunning elements turn out to be liquid: the very buttons could turn out to be somewhat else and also all the very surfaces turn out animated settings to touch as well as use. However, we bet that they will also rule a lot more in this 2018.

8. Integrated Animations

The great movement of built-in animations is by no means invasive, however, steadily guides folks throughout their browsing experience, keeping them busy when the page is loaded or interacting with elements and actions on the page, such as moving or focusing on a certain section.

The presence of characters can help users find elements with which to identify them, which improve interaction with a website.

9. Vibrant Gradients

As color choices become more daring, it is not surprising that gradients, or color transitions, have continued to evolve. It has been a while since the return of the gradient, but it seems to be maintained, as brands and designers have used this style in web design, logos, user interfaces and various forms of media.

The pairs of colors, triads or combinations in general, will not only be more intense but also more elegant and attractive.

10. 3D Semi-Realistic

3D will surely take a big part of design trends in 2018. Its power is to play with fiction and reality in such a subtle way that sometimes it’s impossible to notice the difference between an image and a render. 3D will not only give strength to any job, but it will also provide viewers with a sensory perception of objects.

Lastly, we hope these Exciting Website Design trends and styles dominate the design scene even till next year! The designs will be increasingly bold and will include unique qualities as designers and brands struggle to stand out and become more memorable. Viewers and the public can expect more impressive design experiences that beautifully balance information with entertainment and delight, the design in 2018-2019 will definitely be a wonder!