10 Inbound Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

10 Inbound Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

With the world going digital, marketing is not an amateur in the digital era. The conventional marketing strategies are becoming a thing of the past. Inbound marketing is taking over. According to customer feedback about inbound marketing in shopperapproved review, inbound marketing is a force to reckon with. It involves content building, social media and SEO strategy. However, some of the inbound marketing mistakes you should avoid are:

  1. Setting unrealistic goals

Setting high standards when planning marketing strategy is important but your goals must be realistic. Be specific on what to do e.g. tweeting three times in a week. Knowing what your team and you can achieve is of paramount importance. Your goals need to be relevant to your business, and should as well beat your deadlines.

Doing inbound marketing without a blog

Anytime you do a blog post, you put an indexed page on your website. This page features in search engines and many people to view your website. Search engines know when you add a page in your website and let people know. This generates more leads. Also, put call-to-action to enable viewing of other pages and posts you have.

Failing to measure results and adjusting accordingly

You need to do performance appraisal at certain intervals to make sure you are moving in the right direction. Review your short term goals regularly during your marketing period. If you missed the target, do the necessary adjustments. If on the right track, do the possible improvements.

Doing everything at once

Do not use all channels of inbound marketing at a go. Having high expectations is everyone’s weakness but it may not work with inbound marketing. Take the one which works best for you at that moment.

Leaving out local

You should not try to reach prospective customers of your business that are very far even before reaching those within your locality. You may even use local language to ensure your keywords are outstanding. Involve local people in your marketing.

Lack of quantity, quality or purpose

When starting an inbound marketing campaign, irrespective of which channel you will use, you need to plan first. Make sure you have a purpose. You must have enough and quality content. Your content should have a purpose and a call-to-action.

Being inactive in social media

You should use social media to tell people about your business and the services it offers. Post on facebook about your business. You can as well create a facebook account for it. Tweet about your business and request your friends in order to maximize reach. You can still upload photos of business premises and the products on instagram. Do not use business social media accounts for personal purposes.

Writing anything that comes to your mind

Before writing anything on social media concerning your business have a plan. Write down what you would like to put across. Analyze your prospective customers. Know your business well. Present your message in a unique way.

Not developing buyer personas

When designing your content, have in mind the type of buyers you want to reach. Know your prospective customers. Know what they may like/dislike. You should as well know what they exactly want. Failing to develop buyer personas usually lands you on a hard rock.

Starting without a plan

Whether it’s a blog, facebook or instagram post, it is easy to start. But starting without a plan is a total failure. This brings the famous saying “failing to plan is planning to fail”. Jot down your plans and intentions for the inbound marketing. What mistakes have you ever done in your inbound marketing?