10 Reasons to Outsource Development for Your IT Startup

With the globalization in technology, competition in the business world is rapidly increasing. So, if you are someone who is into the business world recently or if you are someone into startups there are two things that you need to take care of i.e, Speed and control. Speed lets your product acquire its position in the market and control lets you measure your success in the market. You also need to look for ways to improve your business. And the best way to do it is by maintaining the financial status of your business. Many business use outsourcing to maintain their financial feasibility.

As a startup holder, apart from building a product, you should also look after things like managing your business, saving your position in the market and to run your business.  

Unlike any other startups, Even an IT startup uses outsourcing called IT outsourcing.

So, what is IT outsourcing?

IT outsourcing is the use of an external service provider for the powerful delivery of IT-enabled applications and infrastructure solutions for business. It also includes utility services, software services and cloud-based outsourcing. You need to select the right IT outsourcing that governs with your company deals.

You might be wondering, Why you need outsourcing?

IT Outsourcing will allow you to focus on business growth by lowering your time spent in the market. With the outsourcing, your product remains in trustworthy, capable and professional hands allowing you to wholly concentrate on your business.

Benefits of IT outsourcing

  • Cost savings
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Increased efficiency and competitiveness
  • Implement new technology
  • Reduced risk
  • Security

Here are the 10 reasons why you need to use outsource development for your IT.

  1. Cost savings

Many companies outsource in order to lower the expenses. Outsourcing can reduce developmental costs by 70%. You don’t need to make any special investment for this. Outsourcing reduces the workload with lower costs. For IT startups this could help you launch your product in the market at a faster pace. Outsourcing will keep a check on your cost and helps you launch your product in the market with the low costs.

Outsourcing reduces operational costs. If you are in a plan to hire an in house developing team, you will have to provide them with all the necessary pieces of equipment they need. This may increase the cost. No worries, IT outsourcing can help you reduce the costs by,

  • Paying only for actual time developers to work on your project
  • Hire the developers on an hourly basis with the reduced costs. This is known as an offshore development
  • You don’t have to pay any additional costs analogous to recruitment and employment
  • You don’t need to rent an additional office place for development. All you would need is basic furniture like a desk, chair and most importantly developers sword, the computers.
  1. Get your product into the market faster

Want to launch your product into the market? But, are you confused about the right time to launch? Many new products get into the market every day. And so you will need a perfect time and a strategy to get your product into the market. So, in a startup timing is the mainstay.

While launching a software development product, extreme care is necessary for all the steps. No matter how good your programmers are, it is always a nightmare for a marketing team to launch a product into the market and then the pressure is put on the coders. It’s like a spinning wheel. In these hectic moments, you can collaborate with other software developmental companies, to get extra working hands.

  1. Get access to the latest technology and a professional IT team

Large outsourcing companies are very well aware of advanced technologies, developmental tools, languages and frameworks. They can even suggest the one that is appropriate for your projects.

Instead of spending thousands of money on a special training session, hire a team who is already well known with the tools and skills delivering a high-quality product. Isn’t this an easy option. This reduces the cost and also will put your company ahead too.

Have immediate access to the experienced bright IT professional just to be prepared for any further difficulties. The tasks can be completed with a gist of professionalism and can make your outsourcing IT company a professional company.  

  1. Flexibility and speed

Outsourcing is all about flexibility and speed. It how quickly you get into the market and how well you adapt. Each startup has varied options. You can either hire a special team for your projects saving both time and money or you can also hire a long term outsourcing team where you will be benefited to have a dedicated team with you thought out your projects.

  1.  Don’t worry about the support

In spite of using security software and bug fixes. There will always be some issue. Software is such a tool that needs constant support and maintenance. It is an ongoing process. To deliver developed software, there must be someone to fix bugs. You need more developing time. This is the reason why outsourcing is a long process.

While you manage your business and allure the customers you will need a team to maintain your product developmental issues. Have a team who can make this product better. Concentrate mainly on the customer requests and feedback and let your team handle the product issues.

  1. Stressfree hiring

Recruiting experienced professional software engineer is truly a nightmare. It is not only about the experience but also the conditions that your developer can give a commitment to stay with you until the product is developed completely. You might obviously know the other difficulties after hiring like either a person may not like the company or he might have decided to change career path.

So, in order to put a check to all these recruitment issues, outsourcing is definitely a low hanging fruit. Choose a company that you can totally rely on and make sure that the company has the experienced developers and programmers that can bring huge success. Say goodbye to Hiring.

  1. Focus on expertise

Most of the times companies neglect their core expertise ie., things that they bought them success. Whether it is technology, services or business model. There will be a gist of uniqueness that differentiates you from the competitors. This gist of uniqueness is known as the differentiator. If coding is not your choice, you can opt for hiring the in house developers which is cost effective and time-saving. This is the reason why many companies opt for outsourcing.

Outsourcing allows users to complement their employees’ talents without extensively spending money on them. Having a skilled IT engineer team and handling too many projects isn’t enough. Because your employees might be pressurized resulting in the delayed delivery of the products creates a mess. If you think there are more outsourcing projects are on the line then you need to increase the time to market in order to increase the competitive advantage.

  1. Meet customer expectations

People put their jaws down when they hear the words outsourcing and quality. But the quality depends on the developer you hire. So, you need to be very wise while choosing a provider. It is approved as good software when it is quality assured meeting the customer expectations.

A company will market research and analyze depending on customer request to get to know the voice of their customer. You can do this by organizing a focus group, acceptance tests and enrolling testers before the product launch.

The programming language you choose has an impact on your company’s future plans. The only motto of outsourcing is to build a long term partner relationship.

  1. Better focus on business

Let your developers and the programmers do the talking. Most of the IT companies choose to outsource to free up time in order to focus on business activities because the developers will have the idea of different methodologies and techniques but your minimal involvement in the activities is must just to ensure everything is right on the path. This way you can be more focused on your business rather than software development.

As a startup, you might be low on budget to meet the market demands. To keep a check to all these and get fruitful results, outsourcing is the best option. Find yourself a long term outsourcing partner equipped with the right tools and can understand your company and must be able to fulfil the customer’s preferences.