10 Reasons why Brands Should Start Using SMS Marketing


Among the several advertising tools existing, SMS ads have always been one of the most effective, and now, more than ever, they are back in the vanguard thanks to the existence of International SMS solutions companies, which are responsible for providing all the comforts to entrepreneurs so that their advertising arrives effectively and achieves the expected results.

But if you are still not convinced that this tool is for you, here we briefly show you 10 Reasons why Brands Should Start Using SMS Marketing.

The best tool for advertising today

It is no longer necessary to continue paying expensive advertising that did not yield any valuable results, the most effective method for advertising has always been under your nose. SMS marketing is the solution to improve your Brand, and these are the main reasons:

  1. Mobile-friendly platform: Who does not have a cell phone today? Mobile phones have become the main tool of communication and social interaction today. The vast majority of people now spend much more time using their cell phones than watching television or using computers. It is for this reason that it is essential to use an advertising method that goes directly to cell phones, and that is precisely how SMS marketing works, which ensures that people can receive information at any time of the day and anywhere in the world, because nowadays when leaving home there are 3 things that you can not leave for any reason: Cash, keys and cell phone.
  2. Includes everyone equally: Unlike most current advertising methods, SMS marketing does not discriminate against the public with less access to trending technologies. To read a text message, you don’t need to have an internet connection, social networks, a WhatsApp account, or have a state-of-the-art smartphone. On the contrary, SMS marketing is the ideal advertising strategy because text messages are compatible with all types of mobile devices that are in use, so that no one will be excluded from your addressees’ repertoire.
  3. The best option for Millennials: These Americans, born between 80’s and 00’s, now make up roughly 25 percent of the country’s population, and among all adults, they are the most concerned to permanently carry their cell phone and constantly check notifications. So you must definitely want to reach this important part of your clientele, and the most effective way to achieve this is precisely through SMS, since while the Voice conversations are seen as personal and time-consuming, reading text messages is comfortable, pleasant and inescapable for them, because it is the most common way to keep in touch with family and friends.
  4. Immediacy: Another excellent feature of SMS Marketing is that it guarantees the reach to all its addressees with the immediacy of lightning. Text messages are delayed to arrive approximately 10 seconds after being sent, and have no dependence on any other application, service or website to be opened, so there will be no limitation for users. Unlike social networks and messaging systems through internet connection, SMS are not used for group conversations or the sharing of media, but usually carry information of more personal interest and greater relevance, so the message text causes the same need to check in quickly as when receiving a call.
  5. Best Open Rate: This can be really the most important point of all, because it is useless for an advertising to reach many addressees if they have no interest in opening it, but with SMS Marketing you don’t have to worry about this problem, since it has a 90 % open rate. In addition, most users open text messages during the first 3 minutes after receiving it, and if you decide to send the message during the night, be assured that it will be open just at the dawn of the day, since 62% of users check their phones immediately after waking up.
  6. Opt-in System: Another positive aspect of SMS marketing is that it is an Opt-in System, which means that for customers to receive advertising through text messaging, they must have previously contacted the Brand, and have given their number in order to keep abreast of the offers and news it can offer. Therefore, all addressees who receive advertising by text message are at least interested in what is being offered to them. This advertising system may not reach the massive amount of people that ads can reach on web pages, or through emails, but SMS Marketing guarantees that the content of your advertising will be well received and taken into account by all users, and you will not spend money to connect with people who are not interested in acquiring your services.
  7. Not impaired by spam: Unwanted advertising, or Spam, has undermined many current advertising systems. The email service providers now offer to the user a separation between the input trays, setting a difference between those messages from the usual senders and the messages from senders of web pages, the latter being the tray in which most of the advertising messages fall, so that people often take them as Spam and choose not to open them. Something similar happens on social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, in which there are offered such vast amounts of advertising so often, that people have accustomed to them and do not pay attention to them. SMS marketing solutions is immune to all these problems, since the text message cannot be stored in a spam tray, and reaches users without having to compete with hundreds of other ads.
  8. Less is More: Text messages are characterized by occupying maximum 160 characters, which is usually less than 30 words. Quite reduced, right? But far from being an inconvenience, the brevity of the SMS becomes one of its main attractions for advertising, both for the Brand and its public. On the one hand, those in charge of doing advertising will not have to break their brains developing complex ideas, but they can afford to be precise with the content and direct with the idea they want to get, or the service they want to offer; and on the other hand, users will not mind reading the complete information for lack of time, since they need less than a minute, and will easily understand the purpose of the message.
  9. Eases the Feed-back: The SMS resource is potentially useful to request the feedback from the clients. You can make use of a variety of surveys, queries, and questions at your convenience to learn more about the needs and interests of users, and thus improve the service offered by the Brand. According to several studies, 31% of consumers respond to surveys through text messages, and this figure can be even higher if users are motivated to obtain some benefit in exchange for their suggestions, such as the creation of new more personalized products.
  1. High Conversion Rate: Due to the simplicity and precision of SMS Marketing, users are potentially motivated to respond to Call-to-action messages, such as accessing a web page, calling a local, or providing other contact data, therefore you can be sure that the information of your message will sooner or later convert to a benefit for your Brand.