Understanding how computer programming works is important. A lot goes into how we code websites and computers. Here are 10 things to know about computer coding and programming.

Trying to learn more about coding?

Want to understand more about how it works?

Coding and programming are important skills to have these days and have led many people to thriving careers. Current technology of all kinds utilize the skills of programmers to function and the truth is, our world simply wouldn’t be the same without these unique skills around.

If you want to understand this interesting profession and skill set, you’ve come to the right place. Below are 10 things that you should know about coding and programming.

1. Coders Are Translators

While coding is a very complicated profession to explain, the simplest way to put it is that programming and coding is really a process of translation. Programmers create source code to communicate with a computer and to tell it what to do.

Computers understand commands in the form of “binary” code. Different programming languages are used to communicate between a computer and a programmer.

Programmers have learned how to communicate with computers and use these languages that computers understand. Then they use these commands to carry out programs and applications.

Basically, programming is the act of translating commands to a language computers understand.

2. Coding and Programming Isn’t Easy

While many types of jobs require a linear progression from Point A to Point B, coding is not like that. To become an in-demand and advanced programmer it takes a lot of dedication and time.

There are different “languages” to learn and each of them comes with their own set of challenges.

While many courses and schools claim that nothing could be easier than programming and that you’ll immediately start earning six digits after a two-week course, that usually isn’t the case.

However, the great thing about coding is that there are a lot of resources out there for those who are ready to put in the work. Codeacademy, for example, is a great resource that allows you to start learning programming skills for free from the ground up.

3. There Are Many Languages

You should also know a little bit about the different languages that are available for programming. While each language is there for the same reason and allows people to give computers commands there are different ways to do it and to speak to a computer successfully.

Java, Python, HTML, and Ruby are among some of these languages, and while many of them have similarities, they are not the same. They don’t all work in the same way and some are better suited for certain projects than others.

Keep in mind that some of these languages are also in more demand from companies and are more lucrative than others as well. It’s possible to get a job by being skilled at only one. However, the best programmers are confident in multiple languages.

4. Programming is About Problem Solving

Something else you should know is that programming and coding are really about problem-solving. Coders and programmers do a lot more than just writing code endlessly. They have to think carefully about what they’re doing and look for new ways to solve problems in order to build an app, a website, or a program in the best way.

Programmers use algorithms to communicate to a computer and work to get whatever intended result they’re going for. They have to find the right way to do it that get the results that they want.

Because of this, programmers are great problem solvers and these skills carry over into every other part of their lives.

5. Everything Uses Code

If you don’t know much about code, you may not quite understand how important it is in our everyday world.

Be aware that every type of “smart” technology used coding languages in some way. Whether that includes your smartphone, an advanced home security system, or your basic PC, coding is behind it all. Websites, video games, and other application rely on coding and programming in order to function.

Behind these applications and types of technology are skilled programmers that are skilled at solving problems.

6. Research and Observation is Crucial

Another important thing to know about programming is that much of the time spent doing it is not spent actually typing out code. Much of the time that programmers spend working is used to look through source code files and lines of code that were previously written.

During programming tasks, programmers have to do their research and observe the different bits of code that were already written. They have to understand the big picture as well as the small details involved.

7. Coding is For Everyone

One more thing you should know about programming is that nearly anyone can learn how to do it. While some people believe that it takes a genius or a “computer wiz” to be able to become a successful programmer, the truth is that there is no typical type of person who can become great at coding.

While some people may be more inclined to the skill than others, all it really takes is the ability to learn, try new things, and solve problems. Anybody who puts in the effort and time to learn a programming language or several languages will then be able to “speak” to computers in great ways they never thought possible.

8. Programming is a Lucrative Career

Another thing you should know about programming is that it is a highly lucrative career. Programmers actually make quite a bit of money. There is a range of incomes for programmers, however many of them reach into the 6 digits.

Those who have taken the time to learn programming skills are able to rake in the big bucks and often do it in less time than they would be spending in another type of job.

Another great thing about the career is that you don’t necessarily need to have formal education to get started. Many companies will hire programmers based on their skills alone. They’ll simply make sure a candidate has the skills. They may use a Java coding test, for example, to ensure a candidate has what it takes to succeed in the position.

9. Programming is in High Demand

The reason that programming makes for such a lucrative career is that it is in high demand. Technology is becoming more and more part of our daily lives and because of this more and more programmers are needed.

Whether they’re developing mobile apps, web pages, video games, or they’re building any other kind of program or application, people with solid programming skills seldom find themselves jobless for very long.

10. Coding Can Be Done Anywhere

Another thing you may not know about programming is that it can be done anywhere.

Programming is one of the most popular types of remote work out there and many people all over the world enjoy the benefits of the profession. Many people even travel while programming.

Remote workers actually make up a big percentage of the programming profession. However, many of them are also working in traditional office settings as well.

Final Thoughts

Coding and programming is an interesting skill set and profession that has a huge influence on how we experience the world today. While there are many more interesting things to learn about the skill besides those listed above, the above points should give you a good idea of what it’s all about.

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