10 tips to switch from employee to entrepreneur

employee to entrepreneur

Fed up with your job? Wanted to switch from employee to an entrepreneur? Then, probably there are 2 ways to become an entrepreneur. The first step is to quit your current job, and the next step is to start a business of your own. It’s a very tough task to change from employee to entrepreneur; it needs more than a great idea, hard work and some important contacts or connections.

“The entrepreneur in us sees opportunities everywhere we look, but many people see only problems everywhere they look. The entrepreneur in us is more concerned with discriminating between opportunities than he or she is with failing to see the opportunities.”
                                                                                                      — Michael Gerber

Making this great move from a full time working employee to a boss of your business and entering into the world of entrepreneurship needs a change in mindset too. Indeed, you might have learnt some good habits and thoughts while you are an employee but now as an entrepreneur you don’t need all those habits to follow, you need to be unique and strive hard to make your business success.

Below are the 10 best tips to switch successfully from an employee to an entrepreneur,

1.Set up your business on a little scale.

small scale busienss

On the off chance that you can, test your organization thought by starting it on a little scale as an afterthought, while as yet living up to expectations your normal everyday employment. This gives you a no-danger chance to test your thoughts, get your first customers and check whether the business will hold up after some time before you leave the security of your present position.

2.  Hold both short and long term goals all the while:


Work for others and you are fundamentally in charge of guaranteeing that what should be done now, is finished. As a business owner, you need to extend your brain forward, thinking the potential pitfalls and opportunities that lie around you, and fixing on choices taking into account vulnerability. This obliges you to deal with the way that what you do, or don’t do, today, will have an effect on your business three months, even five years down the line.

3. Figure out how to say no

say no

As a head in a major organization, you most probably got used to stating “yes” to any solicitations that come your direction. All things considered, “yes” implied you were solid and a cooperative person and that can-do mentality likely earned incredible surveys from you’re director. Then again, this method won’t get you far as a business visionary. First off, with the time-squeezed entrepreneurial timetable, consenting to and doing everything simply isn’t conceivable. Be that as it may, all the more imperatively, as a business person, you have to set the plan, not simply take after other people’s wishes. Get used to stay “no” to everything except for your principle needs.

4. Forget Perfection

Perhaps you used to have a manager that expected to get an undertaking as near flawlessness as could reasonably be expected. On the other hand, there were unlimited rounds of corrections before something was prepared to go. While that may be the path at a huge organization, a little business or startup won’t have the assets to get something to “flawless” and the entire idea of perfection isn’t possible at any rate.

As a business person, hairsplitting might turn into an obligation. The more you sit tight for each point of interest to be simply right, the slower your business will move. Concentrate on the high-affect, high-need things, and acknowledge 80% (occasionally less) for everything else

5. Get used to extended hours

extra hours

Many individuals liken the entrepreneurial way of life with the “four hour work week” or signing in from a shoreline in at your place. While both of these may be conceivable, the ordinary business visionary regularly finds that he or she needs to work longer hours more than back at the workplace. On a few days you may be exchanging the 9-to-5 for 9-to-midnight, it all really depends. This is the reason it’s very important to begin something you adore. What’s more, recollect that you’re attempting to assemble your own particular dream, not somebody else. You never need to devote more opportunity to tailing another person’s fantasy than you’re possessed.

6. Make a schedule and go accordingly


Is your new business doing an independent work? You need to set planned schedule as that you’re making your startup from the starting point. Make a perfect picture of all your ideas and plan of your business set a schedule accordingly.

7. Meet perfect clients.

meeting clients

Find individuals that you think would be your optimal customers. Get some information about their greatest needs, reasons for alarm and desires identified with the business thought you plan to seek after. Are the advantages of your service or administration in accordance with their genuine needs? Additionally, make a note of the words they use, as they’ll in the end help make your showcasing more true.

8.  Outline your advertising marketable strategies.

Today’s promoting includes content creation, online networking, email outreach and then some. Verify you know how you’ll approach each of these different options for acquaint your thought with clients. In the meantime, lay out a marketable strategy that point of interest how you plan your business to work. It doesn’t should be super formal; however it does need to cover your working structure and services.

9. Survey feedback.


Running a little scale operation will help you figure out which parts of your thought are extraordinary and which ones need modifying. Consider client criticism important and roll out any vital improvements before you start scaling up.

10. Scale up your business suitable to your business plan

At long last, all that is left to do is to work the arrangements you’ve precisely laid out for yourself. Obviously, that arrangement may change after some time as you experience and overcome snags. Be that as it may, this is it – you’re an undeniable business person.

Turning into a business person obliges a great deal of work before you considerably consider stopping your normal everyday employment. Then again, on the off chance that you take after each of the strides recorded above and your thought still appears to be suitable, you can leave your life as a worker and turn into a business entrepreneur.

There are still lot of difficulties you’ll be facing the long way, however for most business people, the advantages of significant work and self-course are substantially more essential.