10 Ways to Boost Your Business with Video Marketing

Establishing a business isn’t a simple task. First, you should define the idea, goals and objective. From there, you need to identify a niche and targeted location. No matter what type of business you want to run – selling products, services, etc have become burdensome. With the right strategy, you can fuel your business growth.

There are many marketing strategies and techniques. Using these strategies in a perfect way can provide better ROI for your business. To be in a competitive race, it’s important to pay attention to the latest and current method strategies.

In an array of marketing strategy, video marketing strategy is playing a leading role. If you are a business owner and not yet implemented video strategy in your business. Then you’re missing out on something big.

According to research, there are around 3.75 billion internet users. There are over 1 billion YouTube users play videos. Over 8 billion video views on social media like Facebook. 3 billion Snapchats stories are created each day. Also, over 81% of online shopper do research on a product before making a purchase. The research may be – what are the top brands? how the product will work? how to install? how to get it repaired? and more.

YouTube is a popular video resource used by every business. Most people watch video on YouTube via the internet. What if you want to watch your favourite video again, and you don’t have an internet connection. Do not worry, here is a solution to your problem.

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Following are the top 10 approaches to boost your business with video marketing strategy:

  1. Start with a great action plan

Video marketing is ruling the world. Every social media platform such as Facebook, YouTube is encouraging visual content over different types of content. Having a great plan is important to improve your business through video marketing. Without a proper plan, it is highly impossible to get success in video marketing.

Video marketing is a systematic plan. It aims to improve your small business. The improvement may be in terms of reputation, growth, trust, leads, etc. You can kick out your video with a pre-planned video marketing strategy.

  • Completely understand your target customers
  • Define your message
  • Plan your budget
  • Develop a strategic video content plan
  • Take them to the point in 9 seconds
  • Be transparent and genuine
  • Convey video properly to gain value and trust
  1. Focus on visual and content quality

The videos you develop should be of high quality because your online videos represent your brand reputation forever. Once you post the video online, it will never simply runs away.

As per the new YouTube algorithm. YouTube spots great value for high-quality videos. Focusing on quality doesn’t mean that you need to invest millions of dollars to build professional video. If you’re a small business owner, you need to pay attention to your budget.

  • Perfect video background sound is important
  • It’s always good to invest in real microphones. If you’re creating your narration
  • Prefer screencasting and simple cartoon or animation instead of live-action videos
  1. Tell your story – Educate your customers on products and services

Online visitors mostly prefer video content than written content. The visual content such as videos, infographics, presentations provides a powerful compelling experience. As per marketing research, 64% of online users more likely to purchase a product or book a service online after watching a video. The video may be information, review, etc.

Video can help you refine your small business. Create a storytelling video about how you get started? What are the challenges you faced during an initial stage? How did you overcome? What is your company culture? Storytelling is a great opportunity to build your brand by introducing your company to online users.

If you are running an e-commerce website, visual content is really helpful for you. Instead of simply writing about products and services description, show your customers about product and service demo in action. When you launch a new product, you can use visual content to show your customers about how the product works and what are the advantages the product will produce.

  1. Keep videos simple and short

With the immense explosion of videos on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Most videos may be around 3 to 4 minutes. Do you think an online visitor will spend such amount of time? Probably no. A visitor spends a maximum of 30 seconds to watch a video. Therefore make your video short. Short videos are more straightforward and can appeal more. They are cost effective. Easy to create and understand.

Every business needs to be a focus on the length of the video. Keeping video simple, direct and short is a perfect approach to keep your customers. Also, it is an effective approach than spending lots of money and time into video production.

  1. Focus on your call to action

You need to strike a balance on ‘how to start’ and ‘how to end’ video with action. Call to action is the final and important element in any video. It’s like giving a virtual handshake with your viewer. Everything you have done for this step where you meet your goal. So, convey clearly and prompt your online viewer to do something.

Call to action may differ from one business to another

  • Ask a question
  • Register and get discount
  • Free trial
  • Enter to win
  • Fill out a registration form
  • Watch another video

Making your customer watch video is an easy task. The real challenge starts allowing consumers to do something after watching a video.

  1. Make your videos SEO-friendly

Creating a quality video is just beginning. The next crucial task is optimizing the video for search engines. If you don’t introduce SEO techniques, then you may be falling behind.

Without introducing SEO technique for your videos may rank low on YouTube, Instagram, Google and other search engines.

As a marketer, you may have a basic knowledge of SEO. Adding keywords, optimizing heading and title tag, etc. The same way, you need to introduce these expert SEO techniques for your videos.

  • Quality content
  • Focus on thumbnails
  • Expand your content on multiple platforms
  • Add captions, use right font and format
  1. Engage more with mobile users

Creating a quality video that is mobile friendly and well optimised is important for small business. As per reports, over 90% of customers watch videos on smartphones. By optimizing your mobile version you are showing love towards your visitors whenever they visit.

As per Google analysis, over 57% of mobile users feel more interested in the business who has a mobile version with intrusion form content in the video. This 57% of traffic coming towards your website from smartphones can be a great reason to optimize for smartphones. Apart from that, Google will crawl the mobile site first then followed by a desktop site.

  • Image and video availability
  • Text visibility
  • Clickability and interactivity
  • Mobile site loading time and speed
  • Pop-up minimization
  • User intuition
  1. Select an amazing preview screen

Products in excellent packages sell more products than which are wrapped in a plain white sheet. In the same way, preview screen in your video act just like a product packaging.

Brief your video and get a perfect screencap which is pretty interesting and engaging. Use it as a preview screen. Design your preview screen in such a way that visitor will watch a video. The more appealing and interesting you make your show screen, the more online visitors are likely to tap on the play button.

  1. Leave them wanting more

Don’t stuff your video with complete information. Keep the video short and straight, 30 to 50 seconds of video is optimal. The more you rush, the more chances to lose your viewer.

Sometimes unfinished videos or suspense videos are simply unforgettable. To backup visitor observation, the unfinished task can progress in a great way. creating suspense to your online viewer with videos is a great technique for your business.

  • Suspense makes you remember
  • Make them curious
  • Unfinished stories enforce you to work
  1. Improve your conversion via emails

Do you have a great email subscription list? If yes. Here is good news for you. Featuring your videos via emails is a great way to increase your conversion rate. By making a video embedded via email, the chance for click-through rate may be increased to 65%.

With the help of video tracking software, it can determine what type of video content should be placed and at what time. Also, with this tool, you can analyse how online users interacted with the send video such as replays, opens and more.

The videos send in email need not be super informative. Send a video to your customer with highlighting a new product launch, or product and service offer. Sometimes thanking your customers for being part in your business success.

Final thoughts

Video marketing is a powerful approach used to promote the brand and products through video. Video marketing may look like a simple strategy. But the truth is video marketing is a kind of tricky approach. Though you’ve enough traffic to your website. Your video may not get maximum engagement. Follow the mentioned ideas video marketing tricks and technique to boost your business.