1World Online Raises $4.9M


What does 1World Online do?

1World Online, is a software as a service platform which unifies the values of advertising and data into all in one engagement platform. This is a Silicon Valley platform which provides CIP- Consumer Intelligence Platform. The platform serves the whole web publishing enterprise. Websites will enjoy higher numbers of new revenue and engagement, business teams can understand better, monetize and profile the audience, journalists and editors can get access to news content on time and can target their stories much better, improving relationships with their readers.

How much 1World Online was funded?

$4.9M in Series B on December 22, 2016 from The Times Group and Brand Capital

Previous funding

$1M in Series A on July 2, 2013 from Alex Fedosseev

$500k in Series A on December, 2013

Undisclosed amount in Series A on February 1, 2015 from Steltec Capital and Keiretsu Forum Northwest.

$2.5M in Series A on August 13, 2015 from DEFTA Partners, Nest, GVA LaunchGurus Fund 1 L.P., Altair Capital and AltaIR Capital

What is next for 1World Online?

The company plans on using the latest funding raised for driving traffic to showcase its online tools in the Indian Market, next to China, which is expected to be one of the largest digital makets by the end of 2018. The company’s polls, quizzes and other monetizable IMU are currently deploys on the Huffington Post and The Economic Times. The company plans expanding its reach and providing a platform to brands and digital publishers to offers online quizzes and polls using its tools, thereby increasing monetizable traffic to the digital properties. These daily results will enable a cyclical and powerful content generation system known as news about news.

More aboujt 1World Online

1World Online was founded on December 1, 2011 by Damien Leostic and Alex Fedosseev. It has its headquarters in San Jose, California. The company provides simple and effective engagement apps, unique content, end user analytics to those who enter the platform.