3 Steps for Creating a Successful Brand Strategy


When creating a brand, one word that will help you get through the whole process and see it to fruition is “patience”. It takes years for people to take their business off the ground and it all depends on their brand’s strategy and the business’s plan.

Over time, you will change your objectives, teak them, try new approaches, learn from your mistakes and so on. At its core, branding has two important elements: your company’s purpose in the market and its target audience.

It might sound complicated to you but if you have clear-cut objectives, then all you need is BrandMatters branding strategists and you will have a blueprint for your brand’s strategy.

Following are three steps that will help you create a successful brand strategy:

Step #1

Set Yourself Apart

What is your brand’s unique quality that will tell your target market to buy from you and not your competitor? Use adjectives such as “reliable”, “fast”, “friendly” and other words to define your position. The goal is to make a place in your customers’ minds, so when next they think about buying that particular product, they think of your brand.

Powerful brands have intangible qualities and they own words, which become a part of their slogan. Relate these words to your business’s and brand’s valuable assets, so that people have a clear idea of what you are offering and promising.

Step #2

Find Out Your Target Audience

When you have gathered information about the demographics of the market you are pursuing, you need to finalize your target audience. The question you should ask yourself is: what do these people want from your service or product? Apply filters and pick out those people who are your customers for sure. You will have plenty of opportunities to tap into a new audience but right now, your focus should be on your niche market, so that you can build a solid base. Tap into your target customers’ demands and offer them their needs and wants on a silver platter.

Step #3

Develop the Brand’s Personality

A brand’s personality is reflected in its mission statement. Words like “excellent customer service” or “value” have now become quite common in the market. They don’t hold any real promise. People are looking for value and that can only be delivered if what you say is unique and implemented the right way.

If you are claiming “quick service”, then what do you mean by it? Will the customer receive the product on time or will they be treated with utmost respect and speed when they come at the store? The foundation of a successful brand lies in the hands of the employees. The way they interact with a customer is what builds your brand’s image.

Employees have the power to break or make your brand, so your hiring strategy must be based on expectations, communication skills and attitude. Your branding strategy can be anywhere between one paragraph to one page. As long as it clearly states all the objectives and goals, you will make a successful brand.

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