4 Ways to Create a Strong, Memorable Brand for Your Small Business


Branding your small business is imperative if you want to succeed. Not only does branding increase your company’s recognition, it helps establish your company as a credible, trustworthy business. Unfortunately, many small business owners don’t fully understand how to use the brand guidelines they create to promote their business. Check out these tips to learn how to promote your company’s brand in practically everything you do.

Create Instantly Recognizable Product Labels

The key is to branding is to make your products, advertisements, and anything else company related recognizable at a quick glance. Keep that in mind when using a service, such as http://easylabeling.com/ to create your product labels. Your customers should be able to walk down an aisle of similar products and point yours out in seconds.

When creating your product labels, you should use your brand’s chosen colors, fonts, and logo. Also, design each product label so that the overall design has a similar appearance. To do this, try your best to replicate the color and word placement on each label you create. For example, if you use a white background and place the wording towards the top of the label for one product, you need to do that for all of your products.

Whenever Possible, Be Bold

Large companies and big box stores are tied down by large layers of bureaucracy, which keeps them from developing brands that really stand out. For small business owners like you, this is a good thing. This means, by creating a brand that’s bold and daring, you can easily attract the attention of consumers who normally look towards large companies for the products and services they need.

Don’t be afraid to use bright, bold colors and strong, slightly risky tone of voice when developing your brand. It’s small details like these that ensure your company stands out from the crowd, which helps you attract new customers to your brand.

Keep it Fresh

People don’t want to hear the same thing five million different ways. You need to develop a system that helps you keep the content, social media posts, and printed documents your customers see as fresh as possible. To do this, you need to constantly be aware of your customers’ questions, concerns, and pain points. Fortunately, thanks to the major search engines and social media, it’s easy to pinpoint exactly what’s currently happening in your customer’s lives in relation to the type of products and/or services you sell.

Establish Authority

One of the cheapest, easiest branding techniques small businesses can master is how to build authority. This means, getting your company’s name out there in a way that it builds trust with your target market. You want people to see your company as a reputable industry resource.

The good news is, this doesn’t have to be difficult. A great way to establish authority is to create valuable online content. Make videos or write blog posts that help your customers solve a problem. Show them you really know your stuff. Additionally, you should take some time to pinpoint some of the big players within your industry. Make it a point to contact people within their company to see about collaborating on a project. Keep in mind, you don’t necessarily want to contact companies that you’re in direct competition with. Instead, choose companies within your industry that complement your business. For example, if you own a digital advertising agency, contact brand development agencies or web design agencies to collaborate on projects.

Don’t make branding harder than it is. Take the time to create branding guidelines for your company and then, use those guidelines for everything — both online and off — that you create. If you do that and get our creations in front of as many people as possible, you’ll start to see your overall brand awareness grow.