5 Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

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Online marketing is a skill few poses, yet even viewer master it so before you get started keep in mind that your clients have bills to pay and ensure that their business is sustainable.  The only option they have is to market their business as it increases customer base and exposure to the external world. Some people market their ventures and make loads of conversions. However, others struggle to attract customers, even after marketing. The following are some of the common mistakes to avoid when doing medical practice marketing

Promoting specialties instead of solutions

There are 7.77 billion people in the world, and 4.54 billion of them use the internet. You should note that potential customers focus on the message and not the medium used. The message that you are supposed to convey as a physician is that you offer ‘solutions’. Only two out of ten people will be searching for service providers on the internet, while the remaining 80% will be searching for solutions and information. It thus makes sense that whenever you promote a service, you also tie it to the benefits that will accrue to the patients and make them contact you.

Not giving marketing the attention it deserves

Most people treat marketing function as an expense that ‘eats’ to the profit of the business. You may thus feel that reducing marketing will translate to more profits. However, marketing is an investment that can bring returns that can outperform other investments. Do not expect to reap the benefits of marketing instantly as they build up over time. You also need to learn the current marketing trends and always be several steps ahead of your competition.

Trusting your gut too much

Most people who tell you that they succeeded out of ‘luck’ might be hiding some crucial information from you. Be ready to experiment, test, and make things work out if you want to succeed. Marketing is an art and not something that will depend so much on your gut feeling. You must be ready to carry out research, create goals, execution strategies, and then optimize to move your medical practice to the next level. Hiring a marketing expert can help you get more clients without compromising your service delivery process. Such an approach ensures that you take your brand out there, avoid some of the common mistakes, and get more time to focus on service delivery while an expert tackles the marketing function.

Failure to use social media effectively

We cannot ignore the role that social media is playing in today’s world. You can make your social media platforms a support community where patients can gather around and have a common voice. You can use social media to share information on areas such as an outbreak, prevention measures, and treatment options. You can also use social media to spy on your competitors and learn on the areas that you can capitalize on and have a competitive edge. You can also hold live sessions with your patients and cover different aspects of your practice. Your focus as a medical professional should be engaging your current as well as potential customers.

Lack of tracking

Marketing should bear results, and this can only happen when you have measures in place to check your progress. You should be able to gauge your marketing efforts and the results they bring at the end of the day. You should make a clear distinction between efforts and results if you want to take your brand to the next level. Your end goal should be on the quality of the results and not the quantity. An ad may generate traffic to your website. However, does the traffic convert into customers? When you carry out social media ads, you should determine the cost of the approach and the returns that you get not only in traffic but in monetary terms. There are different tracking tools that you can use to determine if you are on the right path.

In Conclusion

Avoiding some of the above mistakes ensures that you reach out to more customers and increase conversions. Creating a comprehensive marketing plan is not gambling but laying a foundation that will move your brand to the next level. Ensure that you consider marketing best-practices as they help you create a solid reputation around your brand.  Keep testing and drop some of the wasteful approaches and focus on those that are fruitful.