5 Must-Do’s for Small Business Web Design

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5 Must-Do’s for Small Business Web Design

 For the busy small business owner, it’s easy to put savvy web design in the back seat. The reality is, however, that a clear and functional website not only represents your brand, it also boosts traffic, conversion potential, and new revenue. Here are five web design essentials for small businesses.

  1. Keep It Simple

When it comes to website design, less is more. Your target audience should be able to figure out what to do or where to click next in three seconds or less. If your design is too flashy, it’s likely to generate more confusion than new leads or sales.

  1. Have a Clear Call to Action

Simplicity counts even more when it comes to your call to action. We’re not saying you should fill your website with hard sell advertising messages, but rather, make it easy for visitors to identify and take the next step. This might be:

  • Subscribing to your newsletter
  • Buying your products
  • Contacting you for more information

Whatever it is, make it simple for potential customers to take action.

  1. Build Responsively

It’s extremely important to build a fluid experience for users, and responsiveness means your web display looks great and works correctly on both desktop and mobile devices. The more fluid and functional your web site is, the more traffic and conversion opportunities you’ll bring to the pipeline.

  1. Leverage Local Information

Keeping your content fresh and relevant helps build and maintain customer interest. Small businesses have an advantage here, because they are uniquely positioned to tie in products and services with local happenings. If you make clothing and there happens to be a music festival in your area, for example, encourage visitors to get festival-ready by dressing in your newest collection.

  1. Focus on Quality

Don’t give your visitors the chance to assume your business is second-rate just because you have a poorly designed website. Unless you’re already a creative and tech whiz, it’s well worth the investment to hire a professional design service like Razorfrog, Big Drop, or Zenman to ensure quality comes across in your website.

For small businesses, focusing on the above 5 guidelines for web design will ensure that you are putting your best foot forward online. Watch as your site traffic increases and your business grows!