5 Networking Tools Every Young Entrepreneur Must Have

5 Networking Tools Every Young Entrepreneur Must Have

As a young entrepreneur, growing your business network is essential in expanding your company. Nowadays, networking isn’t just about throwing your name or company name out there as it was done in the past. In the technological era, networking is about creating long-lasting relationships in your industry through social media and referrals, proving that you are someone to be trusted.

Being active on social networking outlets, attending industry events and maintaining a blog are all essential parts of networking. Keep in mind that, when attending industry events such as conferences or trade shows, renowned online printing companies like 4over4.com can help you impress attendees with high-quality custom products that increase brand awareness.

As you can see, in order to build your status as one of the industry leaders, you must rely on a myriad of tools to make networking more effective and efficient. Luckily, after careful research, we’ve come up with a shortlist of 5 networking tools every young entrepreneur must have. Perhaps you can develop a powerful business network, too.

1. FounderDating

FounderDating is a highly renowned social network for young entrepreneurs, designers, marketers, engineers and mentors. Once members are pre-screened, they must offer information about their skills, including education, areas of interest and status of entrepreneurial endeavor. This great tool is a solution to seek if you are thinking about opening a startup company.

2. LinkedIn

If you want to expand your business network, you must join and be active on LinkedIn, one of the largest professional networks online. Use LinkedIn to show off your work, store your online resume, join groups and conversations with your colleagues or other businesses. Make sure to complete your LinkedIn profile to enable others to find you when they Google your name after meetings, conferences or industry events.

3. Rapportive

Rapportive is a Gmail plugin that lets you see the LinkedIn profiles of contacts without having to leave your inbox. With this useful tool, you can easily start exchanging emails to grow your network by creating a rapport, which is based on similar interests.

4. ScanBizCards

ScanBizCards is a helpful app that scans business cards and adds the contact information to your address book. This useful tool is currently available for both Android and iOS devices and can read a range of 23 different languages. As you can see, the ScanBizCards app makes sure that you don’t misplace or lose this valuable information ever again.

Since business cards still remain a favorite assist in the corporate world, it’s absolutely crucial that you find the best card possible to showcase your professionalism. If you still don’t have one that dazzles potential clients, check out this collection of sophisticated business cards carried by the aforementioned online printer.

5. Let’s Lunch

Since developing personal relationships is one of the most relevant elements of doing business, Let’s Lunch helps young entrepreneurs set up face-to-face meetings. Just connect by using your LinkedIn profile and enter your availability info. This clever tool will recommend a place that’s convenient for you to have lunch with potential clients or possible contacts.

The Bottom Line

Whether you are launching a startup company or building a business, you can ultimately be successful by surrounding yourself with a valuable network. These networking tools for young entrepreneurs help you make great connections so you only have to focus on growing your business!

What further tools have you found to be helpful in the past? We would love to hear your thoughts. Please feel free to leave a comment below.