5 Reasons mobile apps are not approved by The Apple App Store

The apple app store is designed to keep the mobile application ecosystem healthy and to protect the users from low quality or hostile apps.  however, sometimes an app is rejected for other unexpected easons, and this can force the app developers to either postpone their launch dates or even redevelop main features.


The following are some reasons why apps get rejected by the App Store which you must consider before you submit your app to the App Store:


  1. You have to use the word beta or it indicates that your app is not finished. Google has made it a standard practice to launch services into an indefinite beta, but Apple is strict about the indications of an unfinished app or one which is not yet ready. There are apps which get rejected for being mentioned as Beta, Preview etc.
  2. Prolonged loading- All the mobile operating systems, whether iOS, Windows or Android, have a maximum app start up time. For Apple it is 15 seconds and if your app does not run within 15 seconds the OS will kill it.
  3. Outside payment link- Apple has a rule that all the digital content must be sold through built it iTunes based in app purchasing method only. This is for one time purchases and digital subscriptions also. If your app accepts any other payment method for digital content, it will definitely be rejected. So ensure that your workflow goes only through iTunes account, or not a all. This rule does is not for non-digital services or merchandise, which is why Apple does not get a cut for hotel rooms which are booked through apps.
  4. Mentioning other supported platforms- do this and your app will be instantly rejected. This rule is not unique to iOS, none of the curated app markets like it when apps mention rival platform by their name. So, in case your app is available on other OS such as Android, Windows etc, advertise this info on your site, not in the app or the app description.
  5. Localization- mobile app users will be everywhere, not just pertained to the city or country where the app has been developed. Even if you did not localize your app for many languages, use ad ons like NSNNumberFormatter or Invariant culture and simulator for testing the user experiences in different areas to ensure dates and other info confirms to the location of the user.

Do not be scared or depressed, if your app is rejected. You must try to address the issue for rejection and then resubmit. In an emergency Apple will provide an expedited review process which can be used for fixing critical bugs or to address security concerns. But be cautious. If you use the expedited reviews too much, you might be barred in the future.

The best thing you can do as a developer to avoid your app getting rejected by the Apple App Store is study the guidelines thoroughly and build high quality apps and submit them to the store. You will be rewarded for it.