Having a great product is not enough; no matter what you do, you need customers keep the business running. At the end of the day, happy customers are what you are aiming at. While you may have a thousand and one things to do, providing top-notch customer service is always at the top of the list. Below are five things you need to have to provide a pleasant experience for your customers.

  1. Provide products that work

It means your product has to answer to what people want, and it has to work properly. Analyse your competitors, find a gap that they have not filled and provide a product, service that meets those unmet needs. Make sure that you research the market well to find your own space. You do not need to compete in a crowded room – find the gap, be different and dominate.

  1. Understand the customer journey

The very first moment when customers come into contact with the company, be it the user interface, the advertisement or an employee, is like the first date between the company and the customers. It creates an impression on the customers and affects whether they like or don’t like your service/product. Besides a wonderful technical team, you also need to pay attention to the interface to create a good impression. Create a user-friendly interface for them, be patient when they have questions, be attentive to their needs. Imagine, if your date sees you picking nose or making an impolite remark, will there be a chance for a second date?

  1. Ensure in-depth knowledge of the product/service

You need to make sure that everyone in the team understands the product or service that you are offering. In particular, the customer service department needs to know what your product or service is capable of, how it can match the customers’ requirements. They do not need to be able to build the product from scratch, but they need to understand the customer journey, how the product works from a customer point of view. Without in-depth knowledge about the product, you won’t be able to help your customers when they run into problems.

  1. Add a touch of personalisation to every channel

Make sure that you create a personalised experience for your customers every time they get in touch with your company. For example, when a person reaches out to you on social media such as Facebook or Twitter, the only thing he or she can see is the logo.To create a personalised reply, try adding the first name of the replier in your message to let your customers know that they are talking to an actual person.

  1. Invest in your employees

Last but not least, build team morale, reward and motivate your employees. Customer service is a taxing job, so you need to recognise your team’s effort when they do good work. You can offer your outperforming employee a trip with villa accommodation.  Your employees, after all, are the front line of contact between the company and the customers. Unhappy employees will affect the customer’s experience, and ultimately the customer’s impression of the brand. Inexperienced customer service agents also create a bad impression on the customers. Thus, it is of utmost importance that you invest in your team. Make sure that your employees receive sufficient training to understand the product/service as well as know how to interact with customers. Pay attention to the well-being of your team, motivate them, care for them and help them to achieve their professional goals. A great team is the pillar of any business.

There are many things you need to do when starting a business. However, do remember to put effort in the 5 above mentioned things. Get them right from the very first days of your business.